Why am I blind



Your right mouse button is stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes apart, that’s how shields work.
That’s why modern riot shields are made of a transparent plastic, and ballistic shields have a little window: they are supposed to protect your face too.

Now, I would personally ask WHY a shield does not offer a better protection than a halberd.

In fact, with a halberd I have about the same stamina, traits and properties for stronger pushes and wider block/push angle, better visibility and mobility, better damage.

So why would I hamper my vision AND movement with a shield, without getting anything in return?

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You forgot that 3/4 shield weapons have almost zero armour penetration.


And even if they do it’s about 2-3 damage at MOST.


Ahahahah I agree… with that illusion we have less camp of view.

But the real question is: why should we use a shielded weapon?

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No, shields were not held in front of one’s face. They are usually held to the side of the body, if they are big enough they might cover the wielder’s body as well, but the important part is to cover the part of the wielders body that is open when attacking. Besides when you hold a large shield directly in front of you you can’t even strike because it’s in the way. You’d only put the shield that high when you’re taking cover from arrow-fire, not when dueling.

The reason modern shields are clear is because they are ballistic shields, they must be in front of the face just like the other shields when facing arrow-fire. However if you try to strike a plastic shield with a sword you’ll slice right through. Riot shields are different beasts entirely.


Ok, I might be wrong, but I think that was true from about the 12th Century onward, when body armour was becoming more efficient, thus allowing shields to be made smaller.

Before that, there were different kinds of shields, including bigger ones that would cover most of the body.
But I will agree that Kruber’s shield looks like it isn’t made for that purpose.


Nonetheless, going back to fictional shields, those in this game are utter rubbish at protecting the wielder, if a long stick does a better job at that and more.

and you can see past the stick as well
shields r dumb

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what you talking about is the line of sight do you notice if you gonna so a ranged attack the bot move an stand in your way ?

I understand shields (in-game) are made for pushing, thats why they give more stamina. For that you don’t need to see. And as a bonus they can also block gunners shots.
Ofc, lame weapons do not justify its use enough, except maybe Bardin’s ax+shield (ap) combo.

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