Where's the Lobby browser for Xbox?

Why is the Lobby browser only available on Playstation? I’ve been playing on PS since launch and have enjoyed the game despite the dwindling community. The main feature that keeps the game going however, is the Lobby browser. Being able to see people in games is crucial for content like weaves and chaos wastes. Since I’ve switched to Xbox I have not been able to get a single group for chaos wastes cata. NOT ONE! On PS, if you have an available game open, in chaos wastes for example, anyone who goes to the map in the keep can see you along with how many players you have in your group, where in the world you’re located, what map you’re playing, and what difficulty. It is a travesty this is not available on Xbox. Man did Xbox get the shaft all these months PS had this feature. It’s a game-changer.

Agreed, it is a big shame. The way the PlayStation Network puts players together works much the same as the system on Steam, so integration of the lobby browser was totally feasible, however, the Xbox Live system is really different and ultimately incompatible with our more traditional lobby service.

We would absolutely love to have the lobby browser on Xbox! It’s not excluded out of spite I can assure you. It’s hard for me to explain in more detail as I’m not experienced enough, and the reasons for it are quite involved in terms of trying to explain the limitations.

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That’s too bad. For those of us who have played on PS and now have moved to Xbox, it is missed. Thanks for the response. Huge fan.

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