When should I increase/decrease the difficulty

You know how it’s a troll post? It asks a very generalized question that no one is asking, and answers it with a long, rambling scroll of nonsense.



It is you!


Does a troll really invest so much time and effort? I would rather apply Hanlon’s razor here.


I feel like I should have prepared my popcorn an hour ago :popcorn:

i say just stick to T5 missions after playing for a week or 2 casually to learn the mechanics of the enemies and response on them required. Reason being so you’ll get used to it and adapt faster when it’s more difficult. Rather than being too comfortable knowing you can tank a few hits on lower tier missions.

There’s a new kind of razor in town, and its name: JOHN CE…, *erhem*, I mean: ChatGPT.
Clearly, this person is just asking chat bots to rehash the general talking points and then post them as their own.
No “time and effort” required.
We are living in the age of automated $itposting - what a time to be alive!


Yep, he got me one time with his bait and ego-stroking posts. I took the time to systematically dismantle his lies and libel but he didn’t follow-up on a single point. But hey, fool me once and I remember forever.

That would probably explain, why single Zarraya in steam doesn’t even have darktide.

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I don’t think you’ll find anyone with my user name on steam. I think I might be using it on a few discord servers though.

Most likely joined the forum when Z started playing.

Had us in the first hen

I just play a 4 if need mats and want to win QP. 5 on QP if I just want a challenge and if I have at least one buddy we can handle a 5 no problem

You should increase the difficulty as soon as you meet the level requirement.

Play the higher difficulty the moment it becomes available to you. Anything else is cowardice.

You’re not a coward, are you?

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Dude this guy is the Andrew Tate of the fatshark forums, for real.
Might as well give up playing, everyone, Zarraya is already The Best Player who has all the best gear and the best K/D of everyone combined, and who knows the real answer to every topic regarding the game, everyone else is just simply bad.
“Where is even your level 9001 legendary gear, bro?”

I love that this genius was making threads on “YOU VT2 VETERANS THINK I CARE ABOUT YOUR IN-GAME TIME?” and posts his in-game time in this very thread

As if… time spent playing the game may be an indicator of experience and skill…