When are special deeds on smaller maps getting fixed?

Ever since i started playing deeds (Way before the game even had DLC) Certain maps have way less specials, im talking about legend here.

Why do maps like into the nest have 100+ specials but maps like empire have less than 40? Surely its a bug and not a game design? Please correct me if im wrong but a more special deed that has only 10 or so extra specials on empire in flames for example is surely a bug? Its the same with all the other small maps too.

Let’s put it that way: we don’t just want more specials on our heads. Because tackling a problem with a headbutt is what we got with Beastmen.
What we want is balanced maps where there is no “bad” and “good” maps. Everybody hates Athel Yenlui for example and we all play Screaming bell because it is the easiest one. What we need is a balance relative to the map’s length and events. Athel Yenlui for example has now almost impossible final event that reminds me of FoW. And The Horn Of Magnus has a tedious and boring event when you start to feel frustrated and want it to end sooner because it takes so long for the lifting platform to open.
Aaanyway, maps rework is not really a pinpoint of the current bug fixes. Just enjoy the diversity where some maps can fell like a breathe and some can heat up the mood.
I have a dream that my four little heroes… or five. It doesn’t matter! …will one day live in a game where maps will be judged not by the number of the specials but for content of their character.

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