Whats numeric value of Health Bar (HP)?

I spend some time on google and forums, and cant find exact numeric value of Health Points (HP), only missleads.

Question is: Whats numeric value of health bar (how much HP people got at level 30, 600 power level)
PS. Im aware some classes not have same health as others, but wish exact numeric values…

Why I ask: Because there is talent which restore 2 health to entire party when tagable enemy dies, now I wonder if this one is worth taking, since I cannot notice any HP gain.

Some people say, players got 100 health, some says 150, but if you jump in hole you took 522 damage upon death… So if bar is 100 health 2hp is 2% its worth taking, if HP is 522, then its not worth to take.

Anyone know exact numeric vaulue?

It’s temp health that literally ticks away as soon as it’s added. WHC’s level 15 talents are a sad, sad joke.

Every career has 100, 125 or 150 health. Hell if I know all the numbers.

Talent wise its not temp health, there is another talent which grant temporal health, on crit, or on kill. But there is lvel 15 talent which shoud grant 2 HP of raw health to entire party when tagble enemy die. Now I just wonder if its worth to take, cant judge because i dont know numeric value, and no one know it seems :frowning:

Aaaaaand instead it gives you 2 temp health that instantly goes away. All talents that give you health, with no exceptions I know of, actually give you temp health. If you squint really hard you’ll notice it appear, and then disappear.

Than its not worth to take, but still hope someone can share exact numeric values… ty for info

From https://vermintide2.gamepedia.com/Heroes_%26_Careers

In addition to having different abilities and weapons, careers also have different Hit Points. Most have only 100, but the Mercenary and Handmaiden have 125, and the Foot Knight, Ironbreaker, Zelaot, and Unchained all have 150.

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