What weapons do you think still need buffing?

The thread about flinching was enough internet for me, but yeah.

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Never said I wanted that

If you want every weapon to be good at everything why not just make this game singleplayer as well?

My bad, I apologise.

You are saying what I said just using different wording.

I think we agree on something, but you do sound as if you are against any weapon buffs…
I do think we should be careful with buffs. Games like Diablo 3 have insane power creep and are absolutely not enjoyable at this point (albeit for different reasons).
On the other hand, removing crit from the DD have made them painful to use on anyone but shade.

Yes, in my opinion this advantage if Greatsword is simply overkill on base cata - you do not need that much cleave since density is rarely high enough to warrant using such a specialized weapon.
In gamemodes like twins it’s a different story however.
Greatsword itself is powerful but its power and specialization are hardly needed most of the time simply because most of the available content does not need extreme cleave as much as it needs ap or speed.
Personally, I would love to see a more varied moveset. Wide, horizontal swings are a bit repetitive.
It’s a regular sword compared to exe and yet it has no thrusting attacks.
A stab as its 3rd light attack maybe?

Similar issue here. Although it does not cleave nearly as well. Could do with more dmg on heavy 1 headshot and armor slide on heavy 2.

Dual Swords could also do with more reasons to use them. Maybe give the heavy 2 on Dual Swords the moveset of heavy 2 of Dual Daggers.
Would make them similar to Sword&Dagger but with more horde clear focus and a worse ap attack because of the angle of DD heavy 2. Might dilute its identity and blur the line between S&D and DS.
Mostly just feel that there is hardly any reason to pick Dual Swords.
Similar to how there are so many swords on Kruber that are kinda similar.

Also, Fire dagger should get the QoL feature of chaining push stab into heavy 2.

Issue is that the damage is laughable, the hitbox is tiny, and the wind up doesn’t feel right when starting from the cleave animation or when chaining heavies.

The Greatsword was and is fine. One of Kruber’s best clutching tools. Very good Paced Strikes up time since it cleaves Chaos Warriors. Deals with shields more effectively than the Exec while having better mobility. It’s aggregate armour damage is not bad, it’s only real weaknesses are bosses and Chaos Warriors. It can be boring to use but it didn’t and still doesn’t need a straight up buff. I’m probably alone in this, but I would honestly put this weapon below but near the Rapier when utilised properly. It’s really only shines on Merc but that’s potentially a problem with the other careers (not that it isn’t fun on FK).

Kruber’s 1h Sword on the other hand was pretty bad by comparison. I don’t see any reason to take it over the Greatsword except maybe on Huntsmen, and even then both the live/beta Mace would make more sense.


Just Falchion back to being able to hit Super Armor with its AP attacks… It will give BH a decent Melee Weapon even if its not so great on WHC and Zealot.

And an increase in the Push Strength of the Two Handed Sword to the level it is in Verm 1 with Devastating Blow on the weapon, to basically give it a Pummel attack or a knockdown strike.

Also per my previous statement the Ammo reduced on Volley but the Penetration pushed back to the First patch version.


I’m mostly a Saltzpyre player, but I dabble with Kruber.

  • I think the volley bow needs its cleave back, and then an ammo reduction.
  • I’d like to see less end-lag on falchion after a push attack.
  • 1h axe still feels lacking to me, but I don’t know how to fix that without ruining its personality. A very slight cleave increase? Changing one attack in its chain to have cleave? Higher damage? I dunno.
  • Kruber 1h sword still feels like an inferior choice; maybe raising the headshot damage even higher would help its single target damage without making it stronger vs hordes?
  • Mace and Shield could use a hefty attack speed buff in its light chain.
  • Executioner sword really needs its 20% crit chance restored on heavies imo, as it’s a slower attack than ever after the 8.5% speed decrease.

And that’s about it. I love a lot of the new changes, especially the completely reworked halberd. It also baffles me that people still say greatsword is weak, because to me it wrecks on zealot and does pretty well on WHC.

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I do feel like axe need something crazy to be viable. Like cleave not tied to mass. You always cleave 2 bodies, no matter what, but only 2, even if it is slaverats.
So you can cleave through cw and such to inflict stagger further on the way. Even monsters, why bloody not?

Great sword feels wired at everything. Tbh, for me there’s two ways of playing game. I take something for massive stagger to be safe, or I take something for massive damage to be safe. Greatsword out of those categories.

Tbh it’s advantage in term of superlinesman is crap, cause basic push “cleave” through everything and don’t have total mass limit. Basic push limited for higher mass (u can’t push cw with dagger). Almost the same story with vs, but worse. You can’t stagger elites consistently with full power merc buld (+40% power is it?) but also cleave is limited by summary mass. Idk it feels like there’s ghost of a shield flying around when I’m running GS, is so stupid.

For example flail. Push with quick followup makes it for what disadvantages it have. It is still better at armour dmg, bit slower animations overall I think, but push attack saves the day. And stagger on heavy, man you can stagger multiple sv, that’s safe.

Push attack for GS needs massive stagger to fix something

The falchion needs some rework of its hitbox imo. compared to the axe or rapier its really awkward to headshot consistently with it. Also it has big blindspots wich results sometimes in you hitting enemies that are far away instead of those right in front of you…dunno if this is just me but the weapon just feels to cumbersome to use.

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A mordhau animation as a alt/non-cleave toggle for greatsword heavy and removal of the 3rd light from exec sword so that the attack animation loops in on itself (tho you shove after the 2nd attack either way).

Not a complete list as I havn’t tested everything in the game-

Greatsword - Is fine. It’s not the easiest weapon to use, but with it’s new mobility + the great cleave it already had, it’s amazing for thick groups of enemies. It armor damage is fine if you land headshots.

Elf 2h Sword - Has lost it’s character. It’s just a left click spammer now. Proccing Swift Slaying is trivial with the 20% crit boost on all light attacks, and the heavy attack is still sub par. IMO take away the crit boost and replace it with a stagger boost (to represent coming up under defenses) and buff the heavy stab attack so it can it the SV Headshot breakpoint again.

1h Axes - give them a bleed effect. Ever seen a RL axe wound? Yeah they are messy. This would up their single target DPS without increasing burst damage, and also help a bit vs hordes since you can spam lights and things will still die a second or two later even without cleave.

Sienna’s Mace - Much better then before, but still not a good choice compared to Dagger or especially Crowbill. It’s a very awkward weapon to use and even the buffed heavy just doesn’t hurt enough to be worth it.

If everything were suposed to be at top meta level, there wouldn’t be any nerfs.

There were nerfs to the meta, Exe sword, Double daggers and some people were frothing at the mouth ,biting the edge of their shield and about ready to headbutt Archaeon to death. Nerfs are very unlikely now because the some elements of the community would have a psychopathic episode about it.


Look man, you only think that because you’re an elite patrician Legend gamer, meanwhile most people with hundreds of hours in the game struggle at Veteran and Champion and it’s because the tool kit is so limited and it’s so hard. One-shotting elites that make up like 10 enemies during the entire map is just not good enough.


Human Greatsword: With stamina regen and extra stamina I found that push attacks were adequate for dealing with elites and worst case the heavy attacks have decent stagger and damage. Doesn’t need a buff

Elf Greatsword: Losing the stormvermin 1 hit headshot breakpoint is devastating. Should have the damage of both heavies increased significantly and if not the damage of the second, then give it more stagger so it has a purpose because right now it has none. Feels very off and clunky with the useless heavies.

Elf Spear: Seriously needs a better armour combo as well as extra finesse and damage on the heavies. Possibly needs more damage on light stabs though up for discussion. Would also like to see the heavy sweep get an extra 5% crit chance. Very tedious having to perform so many heavy stabs to kill a single elite when other weapons have better single target and crowd control.

Repeater pistol: Needs more damage and armour penetration. Would be perfectly willing to go to 32 rounds max to be able to kill gun rats in 3-4 body shots up close.

Axe: The idea of cleaving 2 and only 2 is interesting. My own idea is since it already deals so well with armour and bosses, give it extra power vs infantry. Maybe even give it the unique property of instantly killing infantry with a headshot?

Drakefire Pistols: An extra 10% damage?

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Important to keep in mind that the buff for Elf Spear is bugged currently

what’s described in the patch notes is not what is currently the case in-game


I would like to see a little bit of more penetration on Emp Longbow (full charged arrows).

The Rep Pistol left click is already pretty strong, it’s possible to build the left click to 1 shot nearly every special on Cata with blessed shots up. It also has significant ammo problems, so please dear god do not lower its ammo pool. If the left click has any problem, it’s that the ranged drop off is way too severe, and the difference between crits and non crits is too stark.

The real problem with it is the alt fire (y’know, its main identity) does something like half the damage per bullet of left click, which is a) just insulting, and b) relegates the use of alt fire exclusively to prize bounty builds (pretty much a meme, IMO).


Rep pistol is only usable with crits tho, something only BH had. Since it’s no longer viable on bh anymore either, the rep pistol should get it’s armor damage flat out doubled.

The alt fire should just mimic the damage profile of regular shots. There’s no reason for it to have a pentalty, when you can empty the clip in 0.5 seconds.


I agree with this, though I don’t think every ranged weapon necessarily needs to be competitive on every class. I would certainly agree with the non crit damage being brought up considerably across the board. I think the crit damage is fine though, and probably shouldn’t be touched.

Edit: I should have clarified, crit damage is fine for left click. To reiterate, alt fire should be brought up to the same, or at least similar damage as left click per bullet.

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