What weapons do you think still need buffing?

I know what weapons I think are still kinda bad, but I’m curious to see what other people think still needs to be tweaked.

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Kruber/Saltzpyre greatsword needs a damage buff across the board, warpick needs better light attack speed or light attack damage, elf spear could maybe use extra headshot damage on its heavy stab or better armor damage on its heavy swing, axe/hammer/sword and shield still feel underwhelming in comparison to Bretonnian sword&shield and elf spear&shield, etc

tbh it’s probably easier to list what doesn’t need a buff as opposed to what does need a buff

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Give me strength.

Once we get to the point of everyone thinking everything is great, the entire damage profile needs to be taken down a notch or two. That way everyone has already agreed things are balanced, and we can have some kind of challenge back in the game. Its boring AF at the moment with everything steamrolling the enemy - even with bots it’s getting silly.

In fact we’re almost back at a combination of SOLO-YOLO 1.6 and the awful ranged meta. Everyone is charging around attempting to cause the most damage, no one even gives two monkeys about a Patrol any more and takes them on with impunity, bosses are laughable and there is absolutely no need to give AF about anyone else. I go entire runs using a single healing item and It’s a pure damage race now. In fact, I’m going to think about putting up a thread about the change to the meta.

I cannot disagree enough about Greatsword needing a buff across the board. It is a very very good weapon vs mixed hordes, and is excellent at wearing down lots of armour at once - it doesn’t give you immediate feedback (in that a single enemy doesn’t go down fast) but who is every fighting a single lone enemy - even if its a CW? IF you want everyone to be able to do everything why not just make the game single player then you can mod the living t!ts out of it. Mace and Shield on Footknight is awesome as well.

Buffing weapons is getting ridiculous.


You do realize you are at a minority, right? Most people playing this game don’t find the game as easy as you do. I think you might have been playing the game for so long you lost proportion of how other players experience it, but the reality is that only a fraction of the player-base is actually capable of running Cataclysm and above.

Also, most Cataclysm players I’ve seen are in favor of buffing weapons that are underperforming because the number of weapons that were meta pre-BBB was quite small.

P.S. I agree Greatsword doesn’t need another buff.


I do believe that Greatsword still needs a buff to its capability to deal with armor. I don’t think it needs an overall damage buff, though. To me, the best way to go about it is to allow for another armor-piercing followup to the push-stab (similar to how the halberd allows you to follow up the push-stab with a second overhead by left-clicking).

I never made it to Cata, Never paid for it. I’m successful in Legend 60% of the time in Live, 100% in Beta. I am no leet top level player by any means but any challenge at Legend is now completely gone.


That sounds extremely odd. None of the buffed weapons are as better than the top meta weapons pre-BBB. The buffs definitely should not be the reason why your success rate would suddenly nearly doubled. Perhaps you just improved at the game/played with better players?

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The top meta weapons were used as the baseline to aim for by the mod. Elevating everything to the level of the top meta will of course make everything easier. I ain’t suddenly got that good.

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We aimed to elevate everything to near meta level, but not equal or above

granted that is somewhat relative and is skewed in beta by the various other changes that have been added


Greatsword’s cleave is great, but it doesn’t matter if it’s not killing anything. The light attacks don’t do enough damage and the heavies and push attacks do pitiful poor damage to armor. Even if you’re playing a class with smiter and even if you have your power boosting talents active you still take ages to kill armor, and if you don’t have access to smiter and don’t have power boosting talents active then you’re completely outta luck. I’m not saying its armor damage should be buffed massively, it has its niche of huge cleave and horde clear, but it’s just not good enough against armor to warrant taking it over something like halberd or exec sword or 2H hammer that have comparable horde clear and much better armor damage.


The greatsword was already a solid weapon before its current buffs, give it even more damage and it will outshine everything.

It has weaknesses, it needs those weaknesses to ballance out where it shines- EXTREME CLEAVE.

I used greatsword before BBB, its amazing. The only reason I ever used anything else was just to shake things up, its a glorious weapon.

I agree with Argonaut14, power creep is happening. We’re reaching a weird point where the game is becoming a speedrun again since everyone has so much raw killing power, stagger is becoming less important again due to how fast everything dies, the ‘vulnerability’ of glass cannon builds doesnt matter since they can generate THP so fast that theyre almost always at full HP.


Elf weapons:
Hatchet: weapon needs a bit more cleave and range. It feels ok damagewise, but as it stands now, it has lower range than the DD.

Elven 2H: the Heavy needs some rework. Increased hitbox, size, charge speed, SOMETHING. The Heavies don’t flow well like other weapons do.

1h sword: just doesn’t feel right. But it’s the moveset I find awkward

Spear: needs way more AP and accuracy on the strike. Headshot multiplier increased would make that weapon more of a finesse weapon.

DD lacks power on anything but shade.

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Guys, the point of making every weapon balanced isn’t making them good at everything.

Greatsword has insane cleave but doesn’t deall that much armor dmg? THAT’S GREAT
the weapon is balanced, excels at one thing so much that it shouldn’t just smack armor as well, that’s why there is 4 of you, so at least one of them can go full armor damage.

Buffing not viable weapons too much will just trivialize the content. Cause people that were using them anyway will just start doing way better and making every run easier in the process.
Buff nonviable weapons a bit, nerf meta weapons too. Greatswords are a nice baseline for that.
Not everyone should be able to complete cata and THAT’S OKAY. Make it feel like a real achivement and not just a faceroll. If you want every weapon to be good at everything why not just make this game singleplayer as well?


Imo, The Greatswords should had a damage and cleave buff, instead of speed and mobility buff in first place. And maybe some attack pattern changes too.

Warpick’s speed is fine. But I think its damage should be increased

How did this thread become a “Should we buff Greatsword” thread? Smh.

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Buffing not viable weapons too much will just trivialize the content. Cause people that were using them anyway will just start doing way better and making every run easier in the process.

They were shooting themselves in the foot.
It’s not about trivialising, it’s about having weapons feel good.
And in games, a good feel will always win people over.

Challenge in cata boils down to 2 things: positioning and mechanical knowledge.

Cata is still super unforgiving if you fail at either.
What difference is there between people going in with meta builds and people going in with any weapon providing those ones are balanced and cata viable?

If you want a real single player challenge, feel free to install the “no-bots” mod, as well as deathwish and onslaught. But let us others have fun with other weapons without feeling like we are nailing our boots to a doorframe while an angry chaos spawn approaches.

Kruber greatsword. The feedback on using it is just flaccid. I don’t think it should like, destroy armor, but it just feels bad to use. Why would I choose it when literally every other Krub weapon except 1h sword has equivalent or better CC? And 1h has such good finesse now that it’s not that bad at hordes either, making its weakness against armor even more glaring.
(I’m also of the opinion the Exec nerf didn’t actually do anything on the one class it was busted on, and only made it feel wierd to use outside of merc/GK.)

Elven axe still feels weird to use on anybody not named shade, but I’m willing to admit I might just suck with it.

No offense my man but can you read more carefully?

Never said I wanted that

Never said I am against buffs to non viable weapons. Also a weapon being broken doesn’t feel good, it’s like cheating, high dopamine hit for first 30minutes and then it’s boring af. Btw I hate that greatsword does only a bit more damage than 1h sword but if we want more damage then rollback the mobility and aspd buff.

You are saying what I said just using different wording.

EDIT: What I meant overall is that we shouldn’t buff nonviable weapons to the meta level, instead we should find an inbetween and then buff weak weapons to that level and nerf overperfoming ones to that level


I completely agree with this, but unfortunately that ship has sailed. Can you imagine the outrage and screeching now if FS did actually get everyone to agree on weapons being “balanced” and then they just buff the HP of the enemies? Some people think balance = all enemy types get rekt easily.


First we would have to get over elitists screeching about their favorite overperforming weapons being nerfed, I don’t know if you have seen the meltdown about billhook’s nerf.

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