What we would like to see in the future

The bots, again:

For me, from what I could see the bots have 3 problems:

  1. Lack of aggressiveness, let me explain: 3/4 of the time they don’t attack, they defend themselves. They will not look for the enemy within 5m of them if the enemy does not threaten them.

  2. They very rarely use their ranged weapons against specials.

  3. They don’t calculate the damage areas enemies can put.

The return of the big beta balance.

The overhaul of certain talent points for certain characters.

One of the conversations right now is “The Witch Hunter Captain”. There are certainly things about him that are not bad like “I shall purge the all” which emits an aura for 6 seconds around Victor and applies witch hunts to enemies caught in the aura.

New traits. Add the traits of Chaos Wastes. Not all of the traits, but a few. it would really change the gameplay for each character, with a build better optimized for each career.

Corrections of some bug reported on some map.

And finally, a new shipment of forgotten relics!

(Well, especially Victor’s new career which I can’t wait for!)

I know the Fatsharks are on vacation for now, but if in the near future there can be all of this, I will go from 2000 hours of play to 3000 hours without worry!

We love your work, your game and we are very greedy!


Chaos Wastes traits that should be added to the base game mode:

Regrowth - Critical hits heal 5 (temporary) health. (All Melee weapons)
Shard Strike - Killing an armoured enemy sends metal shards to damage other nearby enemies. (Lasts 16 sec. All Melee weapons)
Bloodthirst - Increase Attack Speed by 2% for every 5 kills (Up to 5 times). Resets if you do not kill anything for 30 sec. (All Melee weapons)
Deadeye - Each headshot increases the damage of the next attack by 10%. (up to 20 times). If you hit an enemy anywhere otherthan the head, 1 stack gets removed. (All Melee and Ranged weapons except Moonfire bow)
Divine Shield - Damage taken is reduced to 20 damage or half of its original value, which ever is highest. (Shield Melee weapons) Edit. This trait is a carbon copy of Slayer and Zealot old talents.
Shockwave - Critical hits stagger nearby enemeis. (Heavy Melee weapons, all Ranged weapons)

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