What the kark was that?

Oh boy, Assasination mission for the Karnak twins. Happy face!

Load into Damnantion, lets get them heretics.

Level looks pretty. Quiet.

Feels like sedition, no hordes of any desinity at al, we took zero damage, occasionaly interspersed with the same mini bosss we have all beaten a hundred times or so, only with hardly any adds.

Well its not so bad, the level design is fun, and its more a story exposition, which is fine.

Also theres no plasteel or diamentrene, at all.

e get to the final boss room, that at least looks interesting, if still a bit easy.

“Your game session has been aborted due to an error”

Okay then. Is there any point even requing? Is it just for the emblem?

It’s an easy run to the final arena, but I got wrecked by the gas. No idea how it works or how you’re supposed to avoid it. I know there’s roof vents which clear a fighting area, but they turn off before the gas clears and then the gas fills the space, so you just take a bunch of corruption damage anyway.

Also FS, you need to f-ing chill with all the gas and smoke and giant flames. Not being able to see anything isn’t fun.

The map rework is nice, somehow it feels even more dank than the regular torrent.


It’s just an emblem. Rewards for the mission beyond that are laughable, so certainly no point in doing it more than once.

Lamo, second attempt, invisible wall here and no boss spawned. Cant progress.


What are you waiting for, Tester14341? Submit a bug report. You ARE the Quality Assurance.

there’s a bunch of plasteel and diamantine in the room b4 the final encounter, which you wouldve seen if the session didnt crash

There should be a new vent opening when the first one closes if i remember that correctly.

Probably. I only had one shot at it before I had to log off.

Between the gas (which is totally opaque except for the space around you when you’re in it, in which case the only indication you’re in it is that your health keeps going purple) and the constant stream of enemies and teleporting bosses, it’s kind of hard to look around and see how the arena is changing.

The roof vents will light up to mark where its safe, so that might make it a bit easier to keep track of once you get a chance to get back in there again.

The boss fight is alright. A solid attempt at a story mission. The level leading up to it is really dull, which is unfortunate.

The opening gimmick with the changing fans got me precisely once, the very first time I played it. Second attempt was successful:

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The fight is pretty hard on the secret hard mode. I met some pretty good randoms though and beat it. Dont think it’s beatable unless you get really lucky with the randoms but that took me forever to find and even then i had a friend with me so i only had to find two players instead of three

Yeah, extra hard mode shouldn’t be a secret, it should just be the Auric version of the mission, and the bells should appear for the difficulty completed and all difficulties below it. I mostly play with randoms, hitting bells a certain number of times just to attempt hard mode is annoying.


Yeah I saw those. It’s more the vents just turning off and the safe area filling with gas and (apparently?) no warning or indication of where to go next that threw me off. Like I said, the indicators are probably there, but there’s a lot going on that got in the way of seeing them on my first time.

I think this mission is exactly what I was hoping for. If it had a long lead up, then playing this map would be highly punishing on time.

Also, watching your video, it struck me after all this time that it’s odd that picking up a wounded ally appears to take as long (or if not longer) than picking up a dead+respawned ally. Surely the first should be faster you’d think? Anyway, OT.

Also gave me time to think about slotting an anti-corruption, and maybe a flamer or autogun for that fight. Low visibilty hordes are ripe for the burning. Usual pistol probably not ideal.

Thank you Fatshark.
This piece of content is amazing.

An actual bossfight with tactics and a learning curve.
With a hidden hard mode that gives you a cosmetic reward for the slot that did not have anything good yet (pls fix the bug that insignias are not displayed during missions).
A hardmode that is actually pretty hard and not just a pushover, and which rewards proper strategy and teamplay.

A great piece of content. Please more of that.

Now please fix crafting, crashes and some of the major bugs, and the game is on the way to greatness.

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Agreed, I really enjoyed it. I can get why some people have described the lead up as less than exciting, but the mission map is so dripping in visual 40k joy that I felt so soaked in it and the story part that I came out of it with a huge grin on my face. Even better, for my first attempt, our group had a person doing all the bells, which I did not even know about before I went in. I will be playing it again with my friends and I am looking forward to it.

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Yeah, i get that.

But i think the walk up to the boss kind of works as a refresher/tutorial on the boss mechanics, and also displays how the two will work when they are together since that is something we have not seen before. They also had that little event in the middle of the map that shows off how the gas works since that is another aspect we have not had to deal with before.

It would also be rather punishing to have to fight through normal enemy spawns every time you wiped on the boss and had to run back, since they seemed to have built this fight with several mechanics to learn, and not everyone is going to just walk in and one shot the boss on normal damnation.

And then there is also the hardmode version to keep in mind since that will probably take most players a few wipes before it goes down.

And like you i enjoyed having a bit of downtime to be able to take a look around, especially since the group i did hardmode with went in blind and had to find all the bells without using a guide.

Unfortunately i dont really see myself doing this map all that much now that i have all emblems.


fyi for everybody here, you can beat hardmode on a lower difficulty to unlock a skip to the end for all difficulties, which makes it less of a slog if you’re trying to do attempts on damnation. You can choose either the normal or the hard version of the fight. Left bell is normal, right is hard. You don’t get the crafting materials if you skip though.

Thank you; this post is actually how I learned you could unlock the altar at lower difficulties!

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I agree that the map and chatter between our characters is great. I really enjoyed those parts of it.

These two bosses really aren’t actually much fun to fight and having to do it repeatedly makes the map kind of a chore.

I didn’t get that at all. “Don’t stand in the green fog” is videogame 101, we didn’t need an event to tell us that. And that mid-point gas event doesn’t do anything to describe how the safe areas are going to work.