What Specialist are you hoping for?

The Moedbus/Traitor Guards have shown themselves already and we may have already seen an officer and the Mauler Stand-in

Traitor Commander/Officer/Commisar, appear right at the moment they mention the Kill Zone, maybe he can order the normal unit around him or buff them like the Beastmen Flag does.

Traitor Specialist, with their weapon (Melta, Flamer, Bolter, Plasma…) could easily be turned into a few different (Flammer would be the easiest)

Traitor Gun Team, maybe they would set up and start shooting (Basically a Ratling but they take a bigger time moving/don’t move)
Traitor Sharpshooter, like the Ratling but if he had a Skaven Jezail, would shoot at a lower rate and stagger more

If we see more Ranged enemies (as special, Infantry or another category) could we also get some Grenade lobbing enemies, the concept is already in Vt with the Gaz rat but could be completed with various type of grenade, even Chaos Grenade (Blight Grenade)

Various cool mutants with some freak looks and freakish abilities to show off the blessings of Grandfather Nurgle.

So more mutants and giving them some cool stuff is something that I want to see.


I can see most of the vt specials return (even seen a stormvermin windup animation in the trailer) but there are many new possibilities here

We could have chaos mutants in all kind of rolls, including Rothelms and ranged versions (maybe hybrids who shoot while closing in)

Chaos Space Marines are probably gonna be heavy hitters - the could take a similar role or be some kind of mini-boss (maybe a small squad of them)

Chaos Space Marine Raptors would probably be intense enemies to fight against

Hereteks could be interesting too, a dark Mechanicus can bring all kinds of weird and brutal weapons to the battlefield

Since we most likely start wtih a high particitatopn of nurgle followers lets take a look there

We could seem swarms of nurglings (to many to shoot them all (also, shooting angle is bad)) that force you into melee and act as meat shield for actually dangerous specials or distraction for ranged combattants

And of course Plaguebearers as probably tougher then usual troops.

Plaguemarines would be pretty nasty too, lets face it, rothelms are no big deal in comparison

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I’ve got the Death Guard Codex for 8th edition and while I haven’t read it in detail yet, a scan over it shows there’s some bad boys in that codex ready to deliver a load of hurt to the Imperials. Lots of stuff that can presumably be imported. :smiley:

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Right now I just want to see beasts of Nurgle :v

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