What should Fatshark focus on?

Maybe I am in the minority here, but I would be more than happy if they’d sanction Cata 2 & 3 for advanture maps with a little change in the mod that needs to happen, which is stagger_damage_modifier of 20 across all of the difficulties.
Combination of Deed with Cata 2 or 3 would be nice also.
Yeah yeah I know catering to the minority and such :roll_eyes:


You’re not wrong. Cata 2 & 3 are infinitely more fun in adventure maps than weaves

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Tbh, they could basically just copy onslaught as well and roll all of that in together. Actual endgame content in the live game like we were promised with weaves which turned out to just be a cheese fest.

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Knowing the tempo at which Fatshark sanctions mods I would say it’s wishful thinking, wanting Onslaught and C2 & C3 sanctioned at the same time.
It would also mean that Fatshark would have to accept that Weave wasn’t the endgame content they would have hoped for.
I think they are focusing on the update and VS Mode.
Might take another 5-6 Months for them to even look at mods.

I don’t know how the criteria for mod sanctioning are structured and how harsh they are, but as far as I know Onslaught has been in the “applied” status for over a year now and still nothing.

As for cheesing the weaves, I would say that’s up to the individual team to play as they see fit.
Season 2 is possible without cheese.

I am still curious about Deathwish Weaves and would like to try those from weave 100 upwards and see how it plays out.

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If you want C2 & C3 outside of the Weaves then your best bet would be to ask FS to incorporate them into the Deed Rework (either by crafting deeds of chosen difficulty from Recruit to Cataclysm 3 or by upgrading Deeds in difficulty or similar).

It could also be just added as mod. But so or so I don’t see these difficulties as something FS wants to promote heavily outside of premade teams.


To be honest, we have been kept waiting for a very long time now.

Anything new that brings fresh wind into the game is fine with me, but Cataclysm is getting really boring for me and I don’t have the luxery of choice between several teammates, mainly because most of them are on a hiatus from VT2.

I don’t mind them putting Cata 2 or 3 into deeds, but I hope, if that is even a possibility, that they put stagger_damage_multiplier as devault value 20% otherwise it’s just weave difficulty more or less.

I would argue that even Cataclysm 3 is possible with pubs, but it would be nice if they put in a level or hours played cap to Cata 2 and 3.
And yes I am aware that locking Cataclysm behind a paywall or level requirement has people with different opinions arguing on it but honestly I don’t want pubs that aren’t even ready for Cata to join Cata 2 and 3 to just troll, die and ragequit at the first possibility, otherwise there is no point in implenting that into official in the first place.

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I think the so called “Cataplayer” should learn to take books first, before we need Cata 2 and 3.
It makes the game a lot more challenging, even if I understand that people see no reason to take those, since of the missing rewards for Cata. Another problem I see is the more lobbies you create with 2 more “official” difficulties, you barely find regular lobbies now.
I think the most reasonable solution is a smth like a deed modifier or so as @Adelion said.

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Books are artificial and pseudo difficulty.
Funny how ppl ramble none sense some streamers tell them.

Anyway, books dont stack any difficulty ontop other than being less damage resistant.
If you are not taking much damage books won’t change anything in regards of the difficulty level.

Cata 2 and 3 on the other hand add alot more than just less damage resistance


Reduce player fragmentation to difficulty only and remove fragmentation caused by game modes.
Also incorporate Winds into play modes outside Weaves, or discontinue Weaves being hand taylored spawns.

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Replace cata with cata2

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The frame work for cata+ in the main game is already built in

Play a game of cata+ in mod realm, go back into official realm and start that same map up and cata+ will already not only be selected, but randos browsing servers will find you and your game will have the difficulty clearly marked. People can even join, to my surprise, and play through the whole map until the game crashes at the portal.

Obviously, that whole experience hinged on a glitch, but you can’t convince me that FS can’t literally unlock difficulty tiers arbitrarily locked to a separate game mode. Weaves aren’t even designed to be a particularly balanced challenge anyway.

It doesn’t add Cata 2 or 3 difficulty though, that’s just a bug, I tested it thoroughly.
It says Cata 2 or 3 but it is just plain Cata.

I don’t say they can’t. I assume they don’t want to have C2&C3 as chosable difficulties for the normal adventure maps.

Stop with your plausibly accurate negativity >:’[

I think the only reason we(the player base) are having such a hard time coming to any sort of conclusion is due to FatShark’s lack of input in relation to these kinds of topics and their discussions. I don’t really know where their design philosophies lay nor do I know what their thoughts are on anything really. It’s funny, I have no idea what the devs think of their own game. If they were to come out with a proposed change on; weapon balance, weaves or what have you, then at the least we would be able to let them know how we see that particular change playing out. But as it stands we say our piece and nothing happens.


I don’t think they’d ever sanction any difficulty mods. They’ve actually stated that explicitly at one point when Grim originally completed Onslaught. I was really just suggesting that they add the modes into the base game.

They can say whatever they want, probably fear that someone makes something better than them, which actually happened with ONS, Cata already is just a pale imitation. Plus the need to incorporate stagger into it just makes it worse.

It doesn’t seem to be the case. Subjectively stagger is quite different, and objectively hp is wrong. The scoreboard doesn’t count overkill damage, so kill a marauder on Cata3 then wipe and you get an hp value of 120 that does not correspond to Cataclysm, but exactly to Cata3.

It’s from Fatshark Tim so it’s not the best source, it’d be better coming from Robin, but saying that they don’t sanction gameplay changing mods is pretty definitive.

That doesn’t mean however that the values have been increased.
It could be a hooking problem where it still fetches cata 3 values although you actually do cata damage.

It didn’t feel any different to me honestly

Not on its own, but I can check that I cannot oneshot SV with a longbow in the head with no additional power on Cata3 ingame (0.2% short on BP calculator), whereas I can on Cataclysm, which tells me for sure that either my damage is lowered or the hp is increased, or both.