What Outcast Engineer can change for Darktide

With the release of OE, Fatshark changed the way active ability worked, from a single instant ability to a special weapon working on a ability charge

Specialist Weapon in Darktide could really well get this treatment.

Plasma/Melta/Flamer/Heavy-Autogun for example would be a Special slot for the Guardsman while his regular weapon would be a Lasgun/Autogun and a ChainSword

While the Ogryn would have as career skill either the Grenade Launcher, or a Melee Charge

The Psyker in this case would work like the future Sienna career (whatever that may be)


I prefer those mechanics over cheesing bosses with saltz using his blessed shot build (basically a headshot with that career skill would restore 80% of your energy so while using a purple potion of energy restoration you could consecutively stack headshots on bosses up to 4-5 times until you kill the boss).

I wonder what is that mohawk girl is gonna do for us. Maybe a melee frenzy or increased firerate and melee speed over ability duration? She looks like a calm sanctuary about to crash down on unsuspecting enemies.

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I mean, even if it’s autocharging (instead of getting cranked) some (Heavy) Energy weapon with a Energy backpack could be neat - although I don’t see it working with Projectile weapons, their ammo feed is too well developed to work like that

But it also gives me ideas for toggle abilities that use special charge per shot/strike
(A rare ammo type for one class, a damage/aim boost for another and the techpriest uses his servo arm to simultaneously fire another weapon in concert with his main ranged weapon - or just has it firing at the closes enemies to more efficiently clear out hordes)


While I generally agree with your premise, I do always feel somewhat lacking while playing Engineer since everyone else has something, “special” (career ability.) For me, the Minigun feels more like a high maintenance/high reward version of a 3rd weapon than a “special” thing for my character. I realize that the invisible talents/passives in the background are what truly makes each character, but in practice and for immersion, active abilities really take the cake and entertain users/audiences.

Depending on how similar the gameplay of Darktide and Vermintide 2 end up being, I’m not sure I’d really dig all the characters only being able to play with melee and ranged weapons. Sure, there are consumables, and maybe that and the sustain of such consumables or map/objective specific temporary rewards through talents and choices can be manipulated to feel great. Maybe we even have a situation where consumables are Career-unique, or change to the career-unique consumable depending on who picks it up? A somewhat related example is how the 3-slot-grenade-inventory mechanic for Engineer ended up being a tiny yet huge addition at the same time.

I think I feel cooler in a Vermintide/Darktide game where I have abilities and talents in addition to weapon slots and consumables…rather than a Doom guy with 15 ranged weapons and no career ability to speak of. Not to hate on Doom, cause it’s fantastic at what it does! But I play Vermintide because I prefer the experience and group play that it offers.

Here’s an example of a hybrid final solution - The Imperial Guardsman could have a melee weapon and a ranged weapon. He can choose a 3rd weapon, melee OR ranged from the specialized weapons armory. (All weapons for all careers that come from the “specialized weapons armory” have different mechanics, such as dangerous overheat, high cooldown, require multiple users, or cause the player to be completely stationary, etc.) In addition, he would have a career ability: heal shout, group move speed shout, throw a cluster grenade, highlight all enemies for increased damage, dispense incendiary rounds to the team, etc.

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Grail Knight career (which turned our grubby human into a holier-than-thou fantasy Paladin), Outcast Engineer grants a fourth sub-class for Bardin the Dwarf.

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