What other bad penances can you come up with?

There were a few things that happened just while playing a game that made me, for a moment, wish there was a penance or achievement for it.

Bean! Bean! Bean! - Kill 2 enemies with a single rumbler grenade before it explodes.

Misunderstood Friend - Have a mutant throw you away from an edge and immediately damage 4 shooter enemies with melee.

Gravchute Optional - Launch an enemy 20m or more (flying corpses count).

Like a Hot Knife Through Air - Kill 3 enemies though a wall within 2 seconds.


At least these penances are actually possible lol.

Going in Dark: Complete a mission on Heresy or Higher as the Veteran Sharpshooter, using only the combat Knife, without firing a shot.

Its Clobberin’ Time: On Heresy or Higher, only kill enemies using the uppercut punch melee as ogryn

Insane in the Membrane: On heresy or higher kill a demonhost with a perils of the warp explosion as Psyker.

A lesson in faith: As the zealot, on heresy or higher complete a mission without taking health damage.

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Giving in to the voices: Join a Daemonhost in fighting your teammates 10 times as a psyker.


Barrel of Laughs - Detonate a barrel that sends one of your teamates into the abyss. (Happens anyway, might aswel get a badge for it)

Chocks Away - As an Ogryn Charge and bash a monstrosity off into the abyss.

Dedicated shopper - Log in and check the shop 12 times in a row for 12 consecutive hours. (Might aswel also get a badge for doing that while i am at it)

Head’s up - Throw a coolant rod at a bomber and kill him with it.

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This Time Its For Real: on Damnation as Ogryn with max wounds, no toughness and 5% HP remaining, hit every unique enemy type in one Bull Charge. Level bosses included.

Came Prepared: finish a Damnation level as Sharpshooter without pressing M1 or M2 once, while not having any ammo or grenades at the end of a mission. On the 4th of July during a hailstorm.


'fraidygryn - complete a mission on heresy or higher as the ogryn without using your melee weapon.

Pacifism - for any class at any difficulty, don’t even need to explain it.

Big Spender - Purchase all new aquila offerings withing 5 minutes of them becoming available.

Pauper - Play 500 games wearing only the base cosmetic kit. Awards the default prisoner pants with paper bag shoes.

I can count to 17 - As any class, kill 17 enemies with the 17th bullet in your magazine in a single match

What were you afk? - Complete a match on malice or higher without a specialist enemy coming into your line of sight.

Almost there - Fail a mission while the extraction objective is within sight.

Ewww don’t touch me - In a single match, push every enemy before you kill them

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink: As an Ogryn, kill a boss by only throwing grenade boxes at it. The boss can’t take damage from any other sources other than your grenade boxes (even other Ogryn’s grenade boxes.)

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Slip n’ Slide - Your entire team killed enemies only while sliding

Three in one - In a match where a plague ogryn, beast of nurgle, and daemon host spawned, get a killing blow on all three with one grenade (requiring you to keep bosses alive and hope you come across the other 2)

Slow and Steady - Spend no more than three seconds not crouching through the entire level on damnation difficulty

No “I” in Team - Avoid reviving or saving teammates through the level, deal at least 100 friendly fire damage through exploding barrels, use a full medicae terminal four times, and kill a pox burster while an ally is pushing it.

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Capitalist: buy every SINGLE MTX item that has ever been sold

Shop Camper: get your first Eviscerator from the shop

Fighting fire with fire: As zealot kill 5 Flamers with your Flamer in a single Mission on malice or higher.

Supprise Explosion: Any class, kill 10 enemys with a single delayed explosion from a exploding Barrel.

Copycat: As ogryn, hit a Mutant while using Bullrush after making a 180° Turn.

Quantity over quality: Kill 5 Snipers in a single Mission with a shotgun or thumper over a distance of 40m or more.

Who let the dogs Out: Have 5 Pox hounds simultaneously on the map.

Counterfire: while being suppressed by a reaper , kill that reaper with only damage from a twin linked stubber on Malice or higher.

Pro-Assassination: Finish a heresy assassination Mission, while only using the Special ability of a weapon with the assassination Keyword.

Easy Catch: Spend 50% or more of your Mission time in captivity.

Bookworm: Read all 3 scriptures in a single Mission.

Horror Story: Read both grims in a single damnation Mission with the Power supply interruption modifier.

Animal Lover: At Malice or higher, get downed by a Pox hound, and Finish the Mission without anyone of your team inflicting any damage on a poxhound.


Now we’re gaming.

Penitent : try to don’t alt+F4 the game when you see there is again the 3 same heresy destruction missions in the random mission selection since 3 days !

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