What is wrong with the Huntsman

Could you clarify what exactly you mean by this? I don’t follow sorry.

Sr for my english

Oh man not this thread again. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with HS.

I disagree with almost everything in the OP’s post.
Huntsman is a good example of a glass cannon.
He’s wicked powerful but force CQC on him and he’s doomed to be overwhelmed without teammates’ help.
I prefer running with the bow partially because it’s unique for that career but mostly because it annihilates almost anything on hs/crits. And you crit a lot. And headshotting with the bow ain’t that hard.
I also used to run handgun - it’s great, powerful, hitscan, tiny spread if you duck. One clip’s enough to wipe up to 8 SW.

Ammo regen is more than enough to support 24/7 shooting with some ammo saving choices. BH and WS basically just have endless ammo. And it’s more of a balancing problem in my book.

What if, hear me out, we locked this thread?

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