What is wrong with the Huntsman

This is a big necro, dude… but you are right.



We have ourselves not just any necromancer, but an arch-necromancer. O_O

And he´s obviously not seen the longbow builds that decimate monsters either.


The more I re-read the thread, the more it’s still so sadly current :rofl:… which I believe it should be pre-Hunter Prowl’s nerf, so he was paradoxically stronger than now :rofl: :rofl:


Oh yes. Clearly longbow is his only good ranged weapon. HS is soooooo high skill floor because body shotting everything with handgun or spamming repeater handgun infinitely is such a difficult time. And of course shotguns are notoriously difficult weapons to use and definitely don’t have extremely high dps that scales insanely well with density.

At this point I can’t roll my eyes harder at these HS threads. I’m really crying for HS over here with his excellent ammo regen baked into his talent tree and his stealth Ult that lets him dismember CWs with a damn shotgun. I’ve never struggled playing HS, only longbow even needs a decent headshot ratio and even then you can have good hunter uptime with 20% crit chance or more after headshots + infinite ammo.

Like are we playing the same class here? It really doesn’t feel like it.


Don’t forget to mention how incredibly generous the head hitbox is in this game. Especially for ranged weapons that don’t need to worry about hitting a CW in the pauldron.

You aren’t. Soul has had a Hunstman bug up his butt for literally years now. So his objectivity on that front is, at best, questionable.

What’s your hypothesis for why we see huntsman threads more than, say, bounty hunter or ranger veteran threads? Surely there must be something wrong with - if not the class itself - the… branding? Build clarity? Reliance on teamwork? Skill floor? Jealous elves paying shills?

That’s a fair question. Honestly I don’t really know. If I were to hazard a guess it’d probably be the following factors.

  • Skill tree and passives that makes HS look like he has a significantly higher skill floor than he does
  • On a similar note his skill tree is somewhat anti synergistic with 2 of his ranged weapons, but again this looks much worse than it is in reality
  • The general awkwardness of longbow. As his signature weapon people seem to tie it and its issues very closely with the entire class.
  • People generally getting caught up in his headshot identity despite the fact that 3/4 of his ranged weapons can get by very well with a middling headshot ratio.
  • Lack of a “wow” factor in his kit. He’s a modest class that doesn’t do anything crazy or fancy, so he gets downplayed despite his effectiveness.
  • A relatively small pool of ranged weapons to choose from

I could probably come up with more, but from observing many HS threads over the years these are the main things that come to mind. All mostly aesthetic, but cumulatively seem to give the class a bad rep. To be clear I’m not saying HS has no issues worth tweaking, but there’s no way he’s worse than middle of the pack when it comes to effectiveness. And again he has some of the best build variety amongst all of the ranged classes to my reckoning. I’d play him a bunch more than I do if I didn’t just really really like FK, but every time I use him I have a great time and feel plenty effective.


While we’re already on the topic, have these 2018 issues been resolved?

How exactly is headshot determined on the blunderbuss? Is it still assigned to a single pellet (and is this pellet now in the center)?

The man can poof out of sight in broad daylight from the middle of a chaos patrol on apparently raw willpower alone, then promptly murders them all without revealing himself. How much more wow do people need these days. :upside_down_face:


…To be fair he murders like, 4 at best without anything to help him along. Lets not overstate things too much.

If we start talking conc pots then shade is there too.

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I read through the code a while back and the blunderbuss spread pattern is two nested hexagons with slight randomness on each vertex. One hexagon is smaller than the other by like half and they are both centered. Generally this means that no pellet will ever land dead center. The grudge has a special property called a bulls eye pellet. That pellet is dead center every time and is currently used to determine headshot/multi-hit-count (on pierce). The rest of the spread is distributed on a slightly randomized octagon around the center, and I believe due to the increased number of vertexes each pellet has less space to wiggle so you wind up with a much more uniform circular spread.

I did not see how headshots work on the BB but I recall someone saying it was needing a majority of pellets to hit the head. If I were to guess I would say it’s either that or the first pellet distributed in the spread pattern and I scarcely know which position it would be in.


Not surprised another Huntsman thread has been revived, it’s like kicking a dead horse.
He’s good, leave poor ol’ Kruber alone.


Actually yep, Empire Bow is the only weapon that has synergies with HS’ headshot talents… and bow itself suffers a lot when compared with the elven version (I mean: slower rof, less accurate, longer delay, lower mobility, etc etc… with almost the same breakpoints).

Then you talked about ammo regen, when HS’ one is just the weakest regen if compared with BH and WS (but yep, in this game ammo aren’t a problem anyway).

But nothing new, things said and laughed… I’m officially retired (at least until the next BBB, if interesting), I’m just leaving reminders here and there… so I have no reason to go further, I withdraw.

Maybe if more and more people open more and more threads… if Fatshark itself said a big rework is on the way, maybe you should scale back your confidence in these sentences… no, no, just kidding. You do well to believe in yourself.

Now I really go, good continuation guys!



One heck of a comment considering the update was pulled back.

I meant: if so many people, and Fatshark itself, try to kick it… that horse isn’t that dead.

I disagree.

With repeater handgun with only free shots and scrounger you spend 2 bullets every 30 shots on average (assuming 20% crit chance). That’s with no headshots and not accounting for no ammo spent in Ult… Please show me the BH build where I can fire BoP non stop without frequently dipping into melee… And he has shot crafter as well! Which is enough on its own to sustain most of his ranged weapons, especially when you account for not consuming ammo on Ult. Ironically he can get away with running hunter better than the guy who has guaranteed crits…

Oh I agree, but it doesn’t sound as impressive from reading the talent descriptions as guaranteed ranged crits, shooting homing arrows or restoring 90% of your ammo pool from an Ult. That’s all I meant. In practice HS is indeed pretty impressive.

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That was just a tongue-in-cheek comment mostly about the extents to which I have to suspend my disbelief when it comes to the stuff good old Kruber can pull off in this game. Right along side with shouting “Nyaaah!” and knocking the spawn of chaos around. Or charging on foot into a bestigor herd and knocking them all on their butts.

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