What is wrong with the Huntsman

ahh yeah, huntsman in 1.07. I miss that guy :frowning:

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sounds like you play with bad shades / BHs tbh


here’s a link to one of my games as a huntsman with rifle (legend quickplay). just as an example of how i’m utilising him, judge away! =) mainly i wanted to highlight the one shot kills for all specials.

My Huntsman play

pardon the shitty quality, video compression was never my strong suit

Everyone can do that! Its not a perk of being huntsman, WHC can even do that! Everything you listed as a benefit for huntsman is done by other classes just as easily if not better. My huntsman is full red 30+193, I did all my 100 wins and my legend challenges on huntsman, but so many other classes perform better, are you really going to tell me im not a “good” huntsman because I can raise valid points? He loses in bosses damage to at least 3 subclasses, he kills CWs slower than at least 3 subclasses, his weapon arsenal is limited, his active is bugged, ect ect. Everyone said he was garbage in 1.0.7 and was objectively nerfed since but now he is “OP” how does that make sense?!


umm… what? with what weapon? please describe. the only other handgun is on bardin. if you’re going to quote BH with his crits, it’s only up every 8 secs or after melee kills, that’s not all the time.

well i’ve already made a video to show it, but if you can let me see a class that can kill something easier and faster than an instant hitscan kill at any range, i’d like to see it. i’m also scratching my head at your comment about killing CW slower, pretty much no class can kill a couple of CW at range with the efficiency i demonstrated, at most 1 (pyro/bh ult). sure, if you let the shade at it, a good one can eliminate one at a time, but if 3 appear consecutively, it’s back to trying to heavy strike it down for most classes, while the huntsman can continue killing it.

nope, not everyone. i’m fighting against this generalisation. also, i never said he was ‘OP’, i think you are stretching a little here. my argument has always been that he is in a balanced state now and we should move our focus to other classes. i’m defending the class from all these statements that say he’s a terrible class/underperforming/worst dps etc etc etc.

crossbow on BH, WCH, or RV with breakpoints, same rule applies to Huntsman longbow, BP for armored is needed but still does the same thing. Also headshots.

why do you care so much about the range aspect? Shade kills are not dangerous, BH kills instantly from range with active, Bh with literally any trash kills faster with crossbow even, and then there is slayer, ect ect.

Balanced compared to what? your personal opinion of what the game should be as opposed to the other classes who have seen very little change since beta? Its obvious FS does not want to nerf things like BH or WS.


As an aside, you were going for headshots in your gameplay vid for the ammo regen, so assuming you hit the HS, yes literally any class outside of seinna has the same hitscan kill potential.


no, u can’t achieve a one shot kill for all specials with any combination of +Power % on the crossbow for normal shots. i’m not talking about headshots because that’s inconsistent, when a blightstormer is casting on you from a mile away you’re not going to be able to consistently land a bolt on his head or a crit RNG. bodyshots, one shot kill, any range. i’m not sure why you’re fighting me on this one, just to put the huntsman down. this is pure fact, nothing is faster than a bodyshot hitscan bullet (if speed isn’t important to you then well we have different goals in our games)

it’s not so much i care about it, but rather that somehow, it’s not even being considered when comparing to other classes like the shade. BH kills instantly from range with active but are you sure u have an active ready for every chaos warrior you come across?

ok at this point i’m not sure what the agenda is here now. clearly all my points supporting why the huntsman is good and very viable and backed up by facts are somehow being swatted aside like it’s nothing. extremely fast killing for specials and elites, powerful ranged counter against cw, counter for hordes simply because of halberd, ability to deaggro and multikill cw/elites with ult and support boss dmg as well. i’ve said many things on the matter and also provided video support to prove the one hit kill at any range, i’ve done all i can to defend this class which i feel is balanced in comparison to what the rest of the classes can do. peace out

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1st off I specifically stated you don’t body shot blights, you can body shot anything but blights, Leeches, hookrats with crossbow yes, also no headshots are not RNG. Also they are only as inconsistent as the player.

You have mostly just stated your opinion based on your own experience which can be easily disproved via modded realm or simple damage sheets, which I assume you have never looked at. Furthermore if you are running halberd you lack the mobility of elf or saltz using a flachion which has equivalent (perhaps) slightly worse wave clear but offers significantly more mobility.

Once again reasons why you are wrong:
Less boss damage than BH, WS, Pyro, Shade
Less kill potential for CWs than BH, Shade, Slayer
Limited horde clear safely without halberd which detracts from mobility
Bugged active ability that brings little to nothing to the table
Special killing on par with other classes.

So once again, its balanced compared to what? Also don’t pretend that CWs are hilariously easy to kill in melee, if your BH / Shade can’t insta kill them (which based on typical map density they should be able to 99.9% of the time) its basically irrelevant.


you are being very inconsistent.

i’m not sure where i even implied that.

proved and answered

edit for your points:

no argument there, the rifle isn’t meant to be a crazy boss killer, but the longbow still is very viable.

BH - not true at all, you’re gonna blow your ult on one cw then struggle with the rest.
shade - can she get to the chaos warrior before i shoot 3 times? also struggles with them when she doesn’t have her ult.
slayer - same deal, getting to the chaos warrior takes time.

not really, even if i don’t bring a halberd i can bring a sword+shield if i really wanted to minimise my damage taken at the expense of dps. but the halberd is always available.

er, the ult is incredibly useful for bumping up the speed of kills. extremely good for dealing with patrols and a burst of elites and for a boss dmg boost. if you’re dissing it, i guess you are comparing it with the previous version of huntsman that can kill bosses in a few seconds with the purple pot and ult. utility wise it’s effective, but the visual bug that stays after it gets activated sucks.

WHC with a grim can hit breakpoints to one-shot ALL specials with xbow.

you’re right, a simple look at damage charts and breakpoints does prove im correct.


actually I think you can’t get 1…

Viable or available isn’t the argument. The argument is that things in huntsmans toolkit are worse, which they are based on raw numbers. This is the critical part of the argument you are missing, compared to other ranged careers like WS or BH he is less effective if they are all being played optimally, the only question that remains is does balance matter, if it does do they need adjustments or does huntsman?


-rolls eyes- i’ve provided an entire video on effectiveness. there isn’t a WS or BH that can bend time to let their arrows reach targets faster than a hitscan bullet. this debate is going in circles

Is that so? I’m pretty damn sure RoF is pretty important in this game. A WS can’t spam charged/light/charged/light faster than you can fire off aimed HS shots?

How quickly you kill single, lone ambient elites is not how you measure the effectiveness of a class.

The fact that when it is argued that WS and BH have better mobility weapons, you bring up sword and shield… Just shows you’re trolling or don’t know what you’re talking about. Shields don’t stop damage in this game, mobility does.

You also seem to be one those people arguing that Kruber is balanced because Halberd. It’s really not that amazing. Try some other weapons now and then and learn the mobility playstyle, and that famous Halberd suddenly can’t be used to excuse subpar performance in other areas.


goodness gracious. every single thing i say is getting picked apart by vultures. if you have been following at all, i’m not even talking about the halberd much, i just say that it’s a good weapon to handle hordes, because others have said that the rifle has no horde clear ability which is true. the halberd is another debate totally.

not saying it isn’t important, it’s balanced by the fact that high rof = weaker shots. like sure you can bring a swiftbow to legend, but you’re going to be hitting a stormvermin like 4-7 times before you can bring one down in the thick of battle.

actually, it partially does, as i’ve demonstrated in my video. and we’re not talking lone ambient elites, it’s all of them. in that particular build i focus on killing elites/specials, leaving horde/boss clear speciality to the rest of the party. ambient elites are a problem you cannot deny, because if too many are aggroed accidently, it’s gonna be a struggle. taking them out quickly removes the threat.

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To be fair the video was basic and low level and that guy in the comment who was talking crap about you not swiveling the halberd right to left to hit more enemies is right. That is basic stuff since vt1 bro.


this is quickplay legend, so not sure what you mean by basic and low level. i take it as a compliment tho ^^ it does look easy doesn’t it?

also i wasn’t showcasing any fantastic halberd play (it’s a vid to demonstrate one shots with the rifle that people didn’t believe)

the halberd also cuts from right to left, if i don’t keep enemies on the left, enemies can sneak hits in from under the top right swing. also, i try to keep one side clear so i can escape if needed. sorry but my playstyle is to try and protect my hp without too much risk =P

I think FS hates Huntsman


Firstly, this is probably the silliest necro I’ve ever seen.

Secondly, HS is great, it’s crazy to me people think he’s somehow bad. He has excellent builds for literally all of his ranged weapons, how many other ranged class can say that? He’s not even hard to use. Handgun is a body shot adventure, and repeater handgun goes brrrrrr. Plus he has an array of incredible defensive melee weapons that make a ranged career’s life a lot easier.

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