What is the point of specials that deal damage over time?

I’ve been wondering for quite a while now what the deliberation behind damage over time caused by enemies is. I am talking things like blightstormer storms dishing out damage after you’ve been thrown out or Burbledict Cumberscourge’s bile ghosts or whatever they are. Why not just deal out the damage straight away, it is not like you can do anything about it, the only difference is that you can move for maybe 2 or 3 seconds longer while you get damaged (which screws up both your movement speed and your aim) before eventually going down. I generally think that this damge over time thing should be radically minimized or at least give you some kind of option to do something about it.

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Those 2-3 sec give you time to heal up/use skills/whatever.


I think that’s the point, it’s an additional level of difficulty that disables the player for a short time, and can add a lot to the confusion and chaos of battle.

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this. kruber can shout to gain temp health and survive, you can down a pot, maybe slay a few rats to get that temp hp to survive if you are going down. it’s an added layer of complexity that gives the game it’s flavour - you gotta find ways to counter it.

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There are not too many to warrant a that advice imho.

Everyone can carry a healing draught, like @Locien0 said.


It would be cool if there were other things you could do about it like dodging, jumping, or something to shake it off.

Patch 1.05 Notes:

  • to avoid getting damaged after getting caught in a whirlwind, players need to spin 5 times in a circle

(low sensitivity mouse users chorus): NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo

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