What is the actual reason for the 1 day downtime?

Is it some mandatory Steam logistical issue? You didn’t mark yourselves as Early Access so you’re not allowed to run the Beta seamlessly up to launch? Because you definitely don’t need 1 day of downtime just to apply a patch that brings 3 missions, a balance patch and performance updates.

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God dang it, it’s a shame Fatshark didn’t realize that Big_Sneeze says they dont need the downtime.


Probably down to run critical bug reports and fixes as well as prioritize a build playtest for the final release. Testing, reporting, reproducing bugs, creating fixed builds, sending out builds, installing builds, retesting, fix reporting, and playtesting fix builds all takes a huge number of workers between numerous departments and man hours. So I’m sure theyre crunching to catch everything reported by us beta testers before retail launch

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Also dont forget that our special boy hats take time to implement into a build as well :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t need the downtime to apply a patch, ergo I am interested in knowing why we are having the downtime. Why they chose to do it if they don’t need to do it, or what OTHER type of reason there is that DOES make it necessary and needed. I’m not here to talk trash, I am asking for transparency. Not because I can’t wait a day but because I am curious.

Sorry LordStagg but there’s nothing in what you wrote that necessitates 30 hour downtime. They can do all of that on their end while still running 1.0.8 for us.

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Threads like this are comical. The devs are apparently passionate about the lore and the gameplay, smart enough to design and code that vision into a game that we want to play, but somehow lack the basic understanding of how much time they need to transition from beta to the real thing.

I’m going for a walk. I hear there’s this thing called “the sun” in a place called “outside”; I should go check it out before the emperor calls me again. :slight_smile:


Not wrong. If not the mentioned reasons, another option could be just to make a showy premier? Maybe something from marketing, or contract clauses, or just a good job day off for staff before the big one

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Thats unnecessarily mean.
You were nicer in game

You definitely should take a walk because you did not succeed in comprehending my point. :-/
The “transition” from beta to launch is a simple update from 1.0.8 to 1.0.9 or whatever they choose to call the launch day version. It will be 3 new missions, maybe some of the missing Ogryn weapons and maybe some balance / optimization changes. This doesn’t require 30 hour downtime. So the reason for the downtime is something else. What is it? I’d like to know, that’s all.

They undoubtedly have several branches of the code in development and swapping from beta to live is almost certainly not a “simple update”. It’s also releasing to Gamepass tomorrow, meaning possibly millions more players will be logging in, increasing server loads exponentially.

They don’t want to give us downtime… they really don’t. They want us to be playing. However the decision was taken to bring it down for a day, as that is what’s best to ensure a smooth launch.

Crossed my mind as well. Maybe theyre even taking time to expand the serverbays or allocating more space. Or connecting and troubleshooting all new servers already constructed in anticipation?

So everything can come at pause and they can work on what they got.

if you go into Bugs section there is an ENOURMOUS amount of bugs and many of them like not working talents, not working passives, wrong UI descriptions, weapon traits being bugged (like Lacerate, Elite Damage etc.), visual and texture glitches, crashes, connection issues etc. Then they also have gameplay feedback and they need to decide in what direction they want to move game on release considering they got a lot feedback about pretty much every aspect of game.

So it’s easier to work on all of this without people making new topics that need to be added to that list for final 30h crunch.

They will be working their arsed off probably for next 24h and I [ray that they will fix majority of bugs on release or new wave of players will be tearing their asses off.

Becasue it’s way different to find tons of bugs in beta-build vs finding them on release.

Maan, they need to carry over progresion of everyone who play in Preorder-Beta and this cannot be done when are players online… so they need downtime for that :slight_smile:

1 day downtime probably so they can get a good nights sleep and say goodbye to their families before launch.


Who are you? Why does Fatshark care about your feelings? Why do we care? Why does anyone care what you think about how a game release should go?

Gamepass users had access to Beta.


How else are they gonna implement the macrotransaction store without anyone noticing before it’s too late?

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I too am in lasgun withdrawal. So I’m making do with my IRL lasgun. (SIRT is your search term.)

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