What I'd like to see before this ends

  1. Unchained’s health to CDR talent turned into a passive. This is frankly a must-pick talent, while also being the one thing that makes her a contentious pick versus her other choices, so it makes sense for it to become part of her innate kit. However, it is somewhat absurd the amount of THP she can generate with Bomb Balm in conjunction with HP-to-CDR, so toning that down or replacing it for something else would be helpful in preventing another Merc being born.

  2. Give Smiter to FK. He is, very clearly, the weakest Kruber career currently, mostly because of his pitiful damage output, which far outweighs his supportive benefits. What would be even better is to abolish the whole stagger talent row for everyone and normalise Smiter as the default for all careers, but this is extreme and unlikely.

  3. Further nerf Merc’s ability, or rework it to be offensive bonuses. Some will disagree, but I’m not here to argue; the fact is his ability is stiflingly strong. 100 effective THP is enormous, plus knockback, plus low CD, plus Merc has the highest ability generation in the game, both from receiving and dealing damage. An alternative solution would be to nerf the ability generation rates, though that seems more like a bandaid to me.

  4. Nerf the new Shade talent. I agree with trying to give her something that contends with Cloak of Pain but giving her something even stronger is not the answer. Nerf this please, it’s just not cool.

(Reserving judgement on Huntsman, though I believe the old Huntsman was completely balanced already and required no changes)

There are plenty more things I’d like to see changed, but I understand the timeframe for this BBB is coming to an end and I prefer to keep it concise and prioritise what I consider most pressing currently. The majority of weapon balance in itself is astoundingly better than before, so that’s at least something that I’m not so worried about anymore.


the stagger system for sure needs an overhaul at some point but I’d like to see smiter being available for every career as a band-aid solution in the meantime


Would love to see the replacement of bulwark with smiter on the careers with bulwark (if we’re going to get anything). However, the beta is drawing to an end and I don’t even know if there’s enough time for another patch + round of feedback for these changes.


I distinctly remember Fatshark patching in an interaction between Bulwark and Trample, so for two second you’d do +30% melee damage to the enemies, roughly.
Currently Bulwark is just a weaker Mainstay for you and a meaningless buff to your allies, especially since old Trample is gone.
I don’t have a stake in it, maybe with Smiter Executioner’s will be more interesting on him and whatnot. But I’d be very upset if something was done to Mainstay, unless it was a full overhaul.

Just a question. But shouldn’t you just use enhanced power if you don’t have smiter? Or is mainstay always worth taking over enhanced power, on low stagger weapons?

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I think it would be a small difference in favour of mainstay, close enough that it doesn’t really matter.


Agreed. Maybe in the next round of balance. Currently, you’d have to be off your rocker to choose anything else. At the same time, making this a passive would be an inherent buff for a class that’s already very, very strong. Would need some time to parse out how to handle the change so I think it may be better to wait for now.

I’ve seen this a million times on a million different thread. They seem to be stubbornly refusing to make a band-aid fix to the stagger talent choices. Either that or they somehow think it’s fine as-is despite all the feedback.

Actually I think this is the best permanent solution. I think ThP being a part of Merc’s toolkit is a cornerstone of the career. It would be too big a change to his identity to take it away completely. However, nerfing his regen on hit would greatly reduce his ability to spam ult and could probably bring him back in line with other careers. At the same time, it’s a nerf you could make that probably wouldn’t tilt too many people.

Should be crits on the next 2 attacks or something. The duration of crits is just too long.


You people simply can’t be serious. Making a broken talent a passive? That is self-explanatory why this should never happen. Burning Dregs needs some adjustment so that it is primarily a defense talent and not an offense talent as it currently is. There are several steps how this can be accomplished with the talent still being very strong and keeping its identity.

But making it a passive is just a horrible idea. We don’t need a second Zealot where you gain major damage boosts for zero risks. Even without the talent Unchained is already very safe.

The hp to cdr is like the old Huntsman getting 10 stacks on ultimate. It’s too good not to take.

How about adding it to the ultimate row instead?


I still don’t get it.

I am not seeing Merc “overperforming” at all, not even on Live. Sure its strong, but there’s nothing there telling me its overpowering other jobs.

This “nerf” the Merc stuff is getting old.

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It’s because it’s hard to see.

It’s easier to see a waystalker or a shade killing 3 sv in 1 ult then the impact of a stagger ult + temphp.

Some players also don’t take ‘paced strikes spreads to allies’ and rather take power, even though the impact can be much bigger depending on your team composition.

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I am not seeing ANY of this magical mystical “Merc is overpowered” crap.

Every game I play on Live the Mercs are not that far off the middle achiever unless you see one running ahead of everyone else racking up an artificial kill count.

In fact they fall BEHIND when you see a lot of Ranged in the party.

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Of course you don’t, that’s great, I’m glad for you.

Hmmm, and why would that be? Maybe it’s because Legend is an easy difficulty where only a couple ranged careers are enough to kill most enemies, so melee careers get to shine less, and that somehow makes melee careers not overpowered even if they’re absolute monsters? I just think your view of balance is fundamentally flawed, you’re looking at your own experience playing Legend, and saying ‘well it doesn’t happen to me, so that means it’s not happening at all’, even though just looking objectively at stats and doing comparisons and playing in higher difficulties shows you how overpowered some careers are/were.

It’s like running recruit and shooting every single enemy you see and then going ‘well melee careers are just so stupidly weak, they didn’t even get a single kill!’


Huh, replacing Bomb Balm by Burning Dregs in the level 30 talents row. That’s actually not that bad of an idea. It would take care of a major part of the offense capabilities of the talent. Is also rather easy to implement aside from the need for a replacement talent on the level 25 talent row.

It is not the solution I have in mind, but I would take it over nothing being done with the Burning Dregs balance problem. Would take it thrice over horrible ideas like making it career default.

Legend is not an easy difficulty. It is the Difficulty the game was balanced on.

And interestingly enough, all jobs are performing well within and relatively equal to each other in that difficulty level the game was balanced on.

If you have a problem with that, then it probably comes from Cata play which was never even intended to be “balanced” in the first place, it was intended to provide an extreme challenge precisely BECAUSE it was unbalanced.

So I don’t want to hear this BS.

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just because you don’t see it personally doesn’t mean it ain’t there

I didn’t see Swiftbow or Volley xbow’s cleave as being overpowered but here we are


I’m talking about Live… as in if we just left everything as is right now and reverted.

A swiftbow spamming Waystalker ends up the game with about an equal kill count to me playing a Rapier WHC, which comes out the same as a Exec swinging Merc… which comes out the same as a Conflaging BW, on Legend.

I only brought up Volley as a NEW change which had those affects in this Beta… not things already there on Live.

No. It is a good talent for sure, but this row is rewarding to some people who can manage not to blow up, since they can utilize natural talent as an alternative.

It’s not about getting kills. Something being overpowered is not always in damage numbers or kill numbers. This is about his ultimate. Which is why it is hard to ‘see’.

Because a ranged career can snipe everything before you get to it, doesn’t mean the other career playing walking simulator is not overpowered. This just proves that one career has superior sniping. Try playing slayer in a ranged heavy comp, it doesn’t even have to be an entire comp, it can literally be 1 only. I bet you all you’ll kill is trash enemies for the entire game.


No they are even keel, even on things like Elite and Special killing as well, depending on what they armed themselves with.

Rarely do I see one job with a massive Elite Kill over the other jobs unless they are focused specifically on Elite Killing.

Boss Mob damage, that’s the only thing that I tend to see some jobs clearly better than others on.

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