What Does Skarrik Mean By "Slay-flay your paymasters"?

During his introductory monologue at the end of Into the Keep, Skarrik Spinemanglr says, “Skarrik not afraid! Kill-kill all! Slay-flay your paymasters!”

What did he mean by this? Are we the paymasters? If so, in what sense are we paymasters to these skaven? Do we have a USA/CIA type situation here where we’re now fighting the people we funded? How much do we know about Lohner, really?

Or, is he commanding his underlings to murder their fellows as they attempt to murder us? A classic skaven maneuver to be sure, but surely not something to be encouraged in that moment.

Help me make sense of this.

It means he’ll go after our employer after he kills us.

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man i love rat-speak. makes you really want to slice them up more.

I always thought he said Slay for your paymaster. Also, what would skaven even accept as payment?

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He would surely want either warpstone, or cheese.


I’m pretty sure he thinks Rasknitt sent us after him. I recall another line that played at least once where he dissed him.

Warp stone nuggs

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