What do you prefer fellow siblings

i play Damnation also and never care for how many charges i have :man_shrugging:

That seems like a problem to me tbh if we’re just ignoring the core mechanic of the class

Not caring is not the same than ignoring!
I know what i do gives me warps, but im not constantly checking or becoming obsessed with keeping the stacks. I play the class knowing how to utilize it.

Non force weapon with kinetic deflector personally (I go back and forth between duelling sword and chainsword). Not so much for tanking DH, though that’s occasionally a nice bonus. More for clutch revives and the synergy with quietude. Love racking up high peril with trauma then jumping into melee with some nice background toughness regen. Or having that regen while reviving to hold out a touch longer and hopefully get the res under light gunner fire. Just generally feels nice to have the option to run into melee while your peril is high instead of standing around venting and knowing you’ll be able to get your staff out with nearly 0 peril again in like 5-10 seconds.

I use a Deflector Force Sword atm, but not to tank DH, but to be able to block gunner fire., it also can deal with Muties, Maulers, Ragers… pretty well.
Have not found a decent Duelling Sword until, but just switched back to Psyker after weeks.
I can imagine using a Catachan Devils claw also, i used it on other classes and it’s a good sword if you get one with good cleave and blessings.

Warp charges can do the important work in the background, like regen of your toughness, IF you build around that. With the ABlaze build, with passive WP gain, you WILL hit that 4/6 threshold when needed, such as during a large wave, ambush (assuming people stay in coherency). Especially if you use high hit rate staves. Outside that, you are better off at prioritising targets, managing your peril and lowering enemy pressure on your front-liners.

Look it’s not that I don’t do that - that’s how you play the game with literally any class…

I’m also familiar with the Ablaze build you’re talking about, I’m not coming at this from a position of unfamiliarity. I’m just saying that I can go through large hordes in full coherency or close to it and sometimes not hit (4) stacks of warp. Or if I do hit (4) it’s near the end of the fight and they don’t translate into a good use of Quicken or AB. On no other class does my “ultimate” ever feel bricked or not useful at any point that I think I need or want to use it. That is unique to Psyker.

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Staves get Deflection?

For Force Sword honestly the dream combo to me wouldn’t even involve Deflection, it’d be some combination of Uncanny Strike, Slaughterer, and Executor.

With the exception of Daemonhosts (which are currently pointless to kill) Deflection feels like it’s for the players who blocked for prolonged periods of time in V2: players who don’t understand positioning, dodging, pushing, and attacking.

I always have kinetic deflection no matter my build. I like being able to block basically infinitely

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