What do you prefer fellow siblings

Using the dueling sword with kinetic deflection to have the ability to tank daemon hosts on damnation or using the force staff with deflector to absorb ranged fire?

I’ll let you know, once a force sword with deflector actually shows up.


I prefer the dueling sword for melee but I have two deflector force swords and it does indeed work well, you can’t tank sniper fire but the yellow guys with autoguns, yeah you can block their ranged fire and push them into melee

Also, force sword heavy chain is really good

Yea this is why i am so torn. You do feel like the main character when someone aggros a host and dies and then it goes to you and you tank it like a boss with the dueling sword.

Force Sword with Deflector. I run into Daemonhosts every third or fourth mission, normally just one per mission. But I encounter hundreds of gunners every mission and the Deflector is so much more useful to me.


you made a little mistake there

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Force sword with deflector. Only exception is if I run surge staff, which tends to need a melee weapon that is competent at horde clear, but even then I usually prefer a mark IV devil’s claw. Dueling sword is for mobility.

Don’t worry about tanking daemonhosts. It’s unnecessary most of the time.


Dueling sword for me. Tanking a DH is very niche, but if the unfortunate pull happens u can comfortably live becoming the second target.

I prefer sustaining a block vs deflecting. Deflecting is good but why would you give them that LoS to shoot you?

Force Sword with deflector let’s you become a literal tank tho, stack enough warp resistance and block efficiency and you take almost no peril damage with the feat.
If you are taking the shots, that means your team is not being suppressed.

That’s why :).

I’ve tanked demon hosts with my force sword.

Mhmm I had no luck with force sword with the deflector blessing, but tbh the idea of just standing there absorbing ranged fire doesn’t really appeal to me, even if I can see why it could come useful to move through open ground to some cover etc. Duelist sword with kinetic deflection comes useful more often, if you are unlucky and fail to dodge something or have to revive. I wish the tougness damage reduction talent was buffed so you actually got more competitive options in that talent column.

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I’ve played a lot less this week - partly because I’ve hit a wall with psyker where it feels like the feets just don’t synergize they way they should. It’s kind of painful building up warp charges often and then having them disappear before I can even use the ult sucks. If the timer is going to stay at 20s or whatever it is, maybe instead of losing all 4 stacks you just drop 1. Everything in the psyker kit is tailored toward having warp charges, but maintaining them is so low RNG is kind of silly.


Frankly I think that the FOrce Sword is a garbage weapon for actually fighting with, so I go for a regular weapon instead. Love a heavy axe, have enjoyed various swords. Was recently gifted a purple knife by the Emperor so am trying that out - the speed and dodging is insane.

I’m also currently running a Recon Lasgun because of a lack of staffs in my recent shop visits.

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still havent been offered either so a little hard to say, but as i like both base weapons id guess id use both from time to time

After close to 100h of playing as a psyker I tried to play as you people do. Meaning watching my warp charges count, trying to maintain it up or at least use it for the ulti. No wonder you don’t enjoy the class.

Psyker has enough going on to care about the warp charges uptime. Ignore warp charges, focus on the gameplay. Except the AB ulti build, the warp charges don’t affect the gameplay that much. The average damage boost is negliable as you don’t run at 4-6 warp charges at all times. You are better off just blasting things.

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2 out of 3 of level 30 talents are tied to warp charges. That’s 66% or a large majority.

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And too many of lower level talents are tied to the warp charges. I mean, Sienna has a lot of talents tied to the overcharge, but she can always easily and reliably increase it.

The first level 30 talent is a pointless placeholder. The second is the AB build I mentioned, the last one is also useful and has nothing to do with WB.

Forget about the WBs for few matches, and just play the game.

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Id prefer to play it with builds like the other classes are able to.