What can really improve performance of the game is something like a "potato mode", mode for poor PCs wich will help significantly improve said performance.

Just like PUBG lite did, just don’t make a separate game. Many people are having performance issues and adding such mode will be a great quality of life improvement.

Not really, since the main issue is CPU bottleneck caused by calculating AI, pathing etc, on like 1-2 main threads.

You would need potato-no-rats mode, to solve this, or liquid helium cooled 7-8Ghz 9900K for high refresh gaming during cata slave rat/beastmen hordes.


Agreed,. the problem is the engine isn’t designed to handle the number of mobs spawned and although GPU’s have grown greatly in performance over the years CPU’s never really make such leaps of improvement unless the code was re written to make use of new architecture or perhaps to drop the heavy compute load onto GPU provided compute cells.

Or reduce spawns and make enemies more interesting and difficult to deal with.

But why is it exactly the same whether you’re a host or a client? I have never understood why exactly is the game cpu heavy. Pathing doesn’t seem to be instantenous but spread over multiple frames, but it does feel some things aren’t and do cause fps drops on clients too.

I’m not sure how exactly is this being done, but I don’t think host is calculating and sending all the ai and pathing info to all clients, it’s probably just somehow syncing with clients while all the stuff is being calculated on clients also.

Since I do agree that performance between hosting and clienting is close to same on high end rig.

There are other performance issues aside from hordes yes. I believe it’s problems with map design. Since some maps are just stuttering horribly while others don’t have this issues. I would guess it’s loading of some assets on the fly or something like that, that is causing the frametime spikes… this is not something we’re going to fix, that’s something devs have to fix.

And it’s the same story, I would be happy to provide all the examples of this, if FS was actually interested in fixing this, but I don’t think they are.

I’ve been seeing a lot more momentary stutters since the last patch. I’m not sure if it’s my computer, the host’s computer or the internet connection in between.

One time the game stuttered and then froze for ~20 seconds and the game window stopped responding. Then the game unfroze and started replaying events at ultra super speed for about 5 seconds before I got a disconnect message.

In 1.6 the game used to cap the number enemies for lower CPU’s, resulting in smaller hordes but more waves of them.

It wasn’t in the notes or anything but it seems that since 2.0 it doesn’t do that anymore.

Beta hordes seem to be … lesser kinda… its hard to say but performance was smoother just now

In the experimental patch they seem to be back down to the level I see when I play 1.6.

I thought that too and then I had a million rats spawn out of a pack of 6 when they hit a choke point. Definitely better though, still Beastmen are a pain density wise. And the 360 degree spawn everywhere issue.

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