What are these numbers?

A few days ago, these numbers started to appear to me, I don’t know what they mean and what causes them. Would anyone know if this is a mod or the game itself and why?

It’s from UI Tweaks. It’s a dodge count. It’s currently not something that can be turned off, but in the mean time you can move it off-screen or cover it with another UI element.


“The numbers, Azumgi! What do they mean?!”
“My name is Victor Saltzpyre. Rasknitt, Boddvar, Halescourge… All must die!”


Thank you very much, good sir!

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How please?

Through UI Tweaks itself

Yeah, it is it, but where is an option to move it off-screen?

Sorry for the late reply. It’s in the mod options menu for UI Tweaks. In the mod option menu for it, expand Player UI Tweaks and near the bottom should be Dodge Count.

It is there. Thank you! .-)

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