What about Shadowstep?

While you’re already tweaking Shade, why not change this absolute meme of a talent?
I mean, it’s just nowhere near as useful as the other two talents now.


My personal suggestion for buffing Shadowstep is honestly just making it more convenient. By which I mean, I think it should have this mechanic where you can highlight enemies if you’re holding down the ult button (like waystalker ult or pyromancer ult), and when you release the ult you immediately dash towards that enemy’s back. End up facing him and everything. It’ll make it a very entertaining talent and the sheer convenience might make it a competitive pick.


*teleprots behind u*
heh. . . nothing personnel, kid. . .


Can’t wait to try teleporting behind a CW just to teleport behind the slave rat number 574.

Jokes aside, I don’t see a talent that’s only mobility being able to compete with two good dps talents on shade, for memes, or speedruns or whatever sure, but that’ll probably be it, given the damage you can get out of the other two talents, just mobility won’t cut it.


I can see people going out of bounds again. Imagine t Yr avwrsibg rough terrain and that kind of mobility.

Honestly, even just reducing Shadow Step’s cooldown by 50% of might make it competitive (though the mobility is still pretty useless, but whatever).
I imagine it this way: Cloak of Mist is currently the horde killing talent, while Cloak of Pain is the boss killing talent, so why wouldn’t Shadow Step would be the elite killing talent?
Simply lowering the cooldown would make using the ult for every CW you see a much more appealing proposition than it is right now.

If the cooldown is reduced too much it will probably output just better dps than cloack of pain and if the cooldown is not lowered enough then it will remain pretty much useless.
How i see it, is that its going to need some added effect on top of it that differentiates it better from the other 2.

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What about 5 seconds of persistent stealth?

If it were to be changed to teleport, that would leave you wide open away from your team without stealth.

Persistent stealth would enable you to get back safely to your team or 5 seconds of uninterrupted/ safe backstabbing.
This would also make it a good alternative to crit boost/ direct damage boost.
Also teleporting near a downed player and safely reviving him is possible.


That might be pretty good actually. I like it.

Make shadowstep an ability where you target something (ala WS), and you blink behind it, backstabbing it.
And give it a 2sec stealth afterwards to get out of dodge.
Ofc, make it unable to get out of bounds.

Ash, in Warframe.

@KaelusVonSestiaf By any chance have you played the Dishonored games?
There’s some interesting abilities that could potentially fit into Shade’s kit, (depending on lore + balance). I recommend giving it a look ^^

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Well that is at least something, tough i kinda see the persistent stealth being potentially something that might be abused for unhindered dps instead of repositioning.( bad or good thing depending on pov)
I give that the teleport and stealth is at the very least lot more interesting than the current iteration and something that can probably be worked with.

But then it’d have to remove the massive damage the career gives like cloak of mist does, otherwise you get 4 seconds of instakilling anything.

So 4 seconds of being invisible with or without reduced cd? without reducing it, it won’t be competitive, too much damage lost imo, with reduced cd, maybe, I probably won’t use this kind of talent, but I can see people using it.

I simply can’t see myself choosing 4 seconds of being invisible over 4 seconds of 100% crit chance.

True, didnt think about that.
On second thought, it would‘ve been too similar to cloak of pain anyway.

What if it saved your current position and direction when you ult, teleport behind the taget and after you attack or the 5s stealth runs out, it teleports you back to ypur original location?

Tekeport backstabbing and then being safely back with the team/ in comfortable ranged range sounds quite good to me.

E.g. spam range for Barrage, teleport backstab and be a safe distance again when the boss starts targeting you.

Would also circumvent unwanted loitering in areas you arent suppost to walk (but where eg a ratling can fire upon the team)

A teleport forward to kill, then teleport back, would be nothing else than turning shade into a living projectile essentially ^^

That sounds pretty cool thematically, but what do you actually gain from teleporting behind an enemy? I mean, you already have a Long Bow.

On a side note, it could work like Burnout. You get a second use of the ult in a span of a few seconds that would return you to your original position.

I have to say, yeeting myself is always an idea that gets my attention.


But like, why is that useful? I understand that it’s cool, but I don’t see why you wouldn’t just shoot the guy instead.

Well is not that easy to “just shoot” and kill a chaos warrior, I do agree it would probably be a bit niche.

Sure, but a Chaos Warrior comes to you anyway, and isn’t a threat in long range. Blinking behind him isn’t that useful.

The point is to remove the threat before it gets to you, of course it comes to you, everything comes to you in this game other than some specials.

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