What about custom player designs?

I would enjoy a game that lets me, make me and my friends. I even like the option for some of my friends to make Felinid style characters. This might open up more play for an expansion of older to pop in. Though I think we might end up with custom renamed character with rich personalities and voices. I would like it if the game can expand on more characters, Races, and sexes.
As much fun as me and my GF have playing VT2. It does get hard to rub beards with my GF captain. lol


The thing is this. 40k is huge. And this one title can open a Pandoras box of options. Think of what can be done with a few generic characters thrown in as fillers. Example in VT2 I like the dwarf. But a lot of times I end up playing the elf instead for range. How fun it would be if we can have a character that just says yes sir, no sir to the main characters and is more custom to the player choices and looks to join in. IT at least open the door to mod made characters or offers in the community. And we all know mods make games last longer.

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