Wekkly Challenges, breaking the meta?

I’ve been having a riot playing the Weekly Challenge, and have been mulling over the fact that it has completely changed the meta and made people consider their weapons and loadouts a lot more - it has even meant I’ve used up some of my hundredty-billion crafting mats making some weapons I would never have used before (mostly horde clear for this thing).

So is this the way forward? Are FS going to deliver a system where there is not one-meta-to-rule-them-all but several meta’s for the kind of Weekly that’s on at the moment? I think this could be a fantastic way of creating more depth to the whole game without needing too much effort like new enemies, or new bosses.

Players would develop anti-armour loadouts, anti-horde loadouts, anti-flame loadouts etc, expanding each players repertoire and skillset by having different weeklies.


This thing has regalvanised my interest in the game more than the Ubersreik DLC - which could’ve been considered fairly lacklustre money for old rope - and given me hope for some real in-depth development for the future of the game.


nice pick of a title there :), so i wouldnt call it breaking, more expanding the meta
as there will always be the GOTO setups for the specific mutation that will work best

so i have to totally agree, this new feature is amazing and im looking forward to the things to come

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