Weird spontaneous full team death in Chaos Wastes

We were playing through the first expedition when we dropped down to what seemed the continuation of the map, but we all died after dropping. No hanging animation, and it didn’t look like that bug that sometimes happens where a teammate will die at random because the floor glitches or something. We all four died there.
Here is the video
To be honest, I don’t remember the map’s name. But I’m sure someone can identify it.


More videos, it also kills the enemies. It appears to be the wooden platform.
Video 1
Video 2


can confirm, I died there too costing me the run as I was playing solo

It’s weird, Sienna survive but then move over to where Kruber is dead and then die so it look like there is a spot which cause death

Ufff. My first solo expedition looked like that. First map, was checking every corner for coins, got close but not in touch with green flames and just insta died. Bit unintuitive, would be much better if player getting close to it is warned first with warpfire burning effect. Drop point is fairly close to death trap

Its not the fire, its the wooden platform.

Can confirm died at the exact same spot

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