Weird response timing on "press E to ..." prompts

Playing in many different situations, while being either host or client, I find myself hitting “E” multiple times while facing an interaction prompt before something actually happens.
As I mentioned this happens to me as both host and client, so I can’t see any correlation between this and ping quality during matches.
I just tend to sit there looking straight at a “press E to …” pop-up, and press “E” just to see nothing happening for several seconds. This applies to pickups, team revives and general interactions.
Keeping the key pressed, tentatively pressing it again a second time, or spamming it seems to have the same the same result: I just sit there with my fingers crossed, waiting for something to actually happen as the prompt suggests it should.
Meanwhile I found it being good practice to cross my toes as well, hoping my block does not get broken while I wait for the miracle of interaction to take place.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Did anyone find a workaround?

I don’t think it is a keyboard issue, as I use Excel a lot and would have noticed the “E” key acting up while writing down functions and data (since most of the mumbers I type in are exponentials)


Yes, interaction function is sticky because it seems to be server-side confirmed, but as you say, I regularly experience mild annoyance at this even when hosting. Also career skill sometimes skips as well so I find myself always spamming ‘F’ under pressure.

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