Weird Freezes

as i said, weird Freezes happen to me sometimes, not regular.
everything is freezing and then it looks like game left internet for a couple of seconds.
i have that problem since pre order beta.

not sure why this happening. my only guess is psyker’s staffs.
because i noticed that i often see big blue explosions on my whole screen when those freezes happen.
prety explosions tho.

here is some good examples from the same mission.

Steps to Reproduce: game
2. get a freez


Reproduction Rate:

console-2022-12-08-07.37.14-2c6d3a5d-f47e-4a0b-aa88-892c9abfc0a7.log (420.0 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (191.7 KB)

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this is what i’ve talked about explosions, but game didn’t left the internet afterwards this time.

after my observations it really seems psykers is the cause of the problem.
it always happen when they around.

console-2022-12-10-11.04.54-06cac847-273e-44c2-aafd-6fda976e3368.log (879.5 KB)

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sometimes after those freezes i got dc code: 2001

i get this random hitching too on my rx 6650xt /i7 8700. But mine are much more subtle than yours. anyways I would love to see them removed :frowning:


Glad it isn’t just me. Sometimes it freezes and I DC, sometimes it lags behind a few seconds, and sometimes the game acts like nothing even happened. VERY frustrating when it does occur though; “will i die to some BS now?”

Ah, crap. You necro’d a topic and I replied without even noticing thinking it was fresh!

Original post:

"Yep, for some reason allied Psykers after the recent hotfixes have impacted performance on my system pretty heavily as well.

While I’m playing as a Psyker, my own abilities don’t seem to cause this, but while running with a Smite Psyker or anyone using the Purgatus staff and just playing normally to control crowds etc, the performance tanks.

Nothing quite as egregious as the literal freezes you’re seeing, but I definitely notice the frame TIME becoming more and more inconsistent."