Weekly challenge impossible to get tome - Screaming bell

Its impossible to get second tome because weekly delete all torches and you need to jump on one to get to that tome

With every next patch this game is “better” :confused:

I have only played one match (Skittergate), and we had a torch right at the beginning of the level.

Come on, it’s one tome… for one map of the weekly mutator event. If you need tome and grim why do the weekly for that?

The new mutator system far outweighs something small like this, so yes the game is indeed getting better.

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Well, I guess HM, Slayer, Zealot and BW could still get it. Still, I’m sure it’s something they can fix. Otherwise, it’s 1 level, and 1 tome.

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Ehhh it’s not about tome. There is much more not fixed bugs (e.g. muted Olesia, why?), and new ones appear. BTW this situation proves that the new challenge system and patch was probably not well thought out and don’t be well tested (reprehensible art pieces glitch LOL :confused: ).

Sorry @Perteks, could you elaborate on this?

Well, there is only so much testing a shop can do on a piece of software or an update that goes out before you are considered mad for testing it so much. As a dev I feel for them; there’s a lot of hard work that goes into creating the content itself, and sometimes the expanded stuff conflicts with a few other things.

If it makes it so a tome can’t get picked up…

It’s good that we pointed out the bug… but the mutators seem well thought out and were tested enough to know that they work very well. :smile:


Agreed! It’s a game, I’d rather get the updates sooner and the bugs can be ironed out later. I’ve found most bugs pretty darn entertaining anyways …

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I only played the map once on weekly, but it’s regarding the second tome in the marketplace. The most common way to get to it is by doing a jumping puzzle where you climb a ladder on top of a stall, jump on a lamp (lantern) post, to another stall, yet another lamp post and finally on to the stall the tome is located on. At least the first lamp post is missing, making that jump impossible without a dashing clash.

What I meant is lamp posts/torches from wall but from what I gathered they are there but invisible what is kind of stupid

this one

Oh right, I see what you mean! Thank you.

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