Weaves can be fun but encourage bad player behavior

I feel like the Weaves are encouraging “everybody fight for themselves” kind of play styles where some people prefer to rush ahead instead of staying with the others.
“I have seen this behavior a lot recently” is, although true, no good argument. That’s why I’m going to support my claim with these four points:

  1. The countdown basically says “you have to hurry!” This often means that people get left behind because they are dealing with a swarm at the back of the group.
  2. The Weaves have predefined waves and special spawns, which means that there are no additional special spawns for people that run off alone. This means that there is less incentive to stay with the team.
  3. Bosses have no barrier so people may slip past, run to the exit and leave their team members behind to die.
  4. Teammates are revived or at least deposited next to you at the start of the arena portion of the weave. This way, leaving downed team mates behind is rewarded, because this is faster (provided of course that the gate is already open), you get to feel special for being the only survivor and your team mates will be back for the next challenge anyway.

These things combined make it hard to tell rushers why they should stay with the team. I do believe that this behavior will carry over to the main game and worsen the gameplay more than the stagger changes may improve it.
What I do like is that there are no green circles to chase in this game mode.

My suggestion would be to implement weaves as modifiers for quickplay. Random map chunk, random weave, randomized spawns, AI director enabled, difficulty selectable.
As for loot I would like to see one chest/vault/whatever (depending of the difficulty), that gives exactly one random item. One instead of three, because the missions seem to be a bit shorter than normal mission.
I further suggest that probabilities for reds etc. are the same as in the corresponding “General” chest/vault/whatever from the same difficulty. Not lower (peasant, soldier, merchant), because of missing tomes and grims. Not higher because you probably don’t want anyone to grind weaves for red weapons.
I believe that these changes would tie this mode more to the base game. They would also improve replayability aswell. This is important, because I don’t feel like a single weave has any replayability at all, after I have succeeded in it.

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