Weave of Death doesn't fit in difficulty curve

So I just finished 30th weave, and I noticed that 26-30 (beast) weaves are kinda easier than 21-25 (death). Not easy, but still it kinda fits champion difficulty, while 21-25 were feeling like some boosted legend deed, where you need to make 0 mistakes. Like, I’m always up for a challenge, and those death weaves were incredibly fun, even though I died a lot with different teams.

But it just doesn’t seem right, to have hard weaves first, and then get easier ones later. I would suggest nerfing damage from death spirits from 15 to something like 5 or 10. Why not buff Beast? Well, I think they are fine, and they seemed easier only because they were on champion difficulty, and they really “fit” champion difficulty. Death doesn’t, so I would nerf it on this champion difficulty, but keep high damage on later weaves.

So tl;dr - I suggest nerfing death weave to keep difficulty curve more logical.


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