Weapons' trinkets are poorly handled

Ok, I agree this is a very minor complain but it shows how the UI is poorly conceived

This is BL3 inventory.
At the left there are the 4 slots for the weapons and at the far left of each one of them there’s a small slot for the weapon trinket which is fixed for that particular weapon slot.

In DT every time I change the weapon I must attach the trinket again and it’s in a nested submenu:
You must enter the inventory, enter the melee or ranged weapon slot, choose the weapon, enter in the customization and select the trinket tab. Only at this point I can choose the trinket for that weapon.


While the UI is far from ideal and easy to use for this weapon addon, I’m curious about the appeal for those things?

I get that they’ve been introduced in games as decorative, vanity items linked to challenges, microtransactions, and progression.
Some games that have these:

  • Borderlands 3, Overwatch, Apex, Fortnite, Far Cry games, since Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Rainbow Six: Siege, and recently added to Hunt Showdown, and probably many other games.

The paid mtx potential is obvious in DT and it’s already a vanity item bound to the penances (nothing wrong with that), so also an incentive that goes towards player retention and additional gameplay content (I guess).

Still, it feels weird to have those things dangling on the weapons. Is that a 40k thing in general?
Purity seals would make more sense?

Maybe that comment (about some Halo game) sums it up:

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Ok, so it appears they’re just a thing in the 40K universe.
Thanks to a fellow DT player and friend, here are a few examples from a book lore page:


So beyond the mtx potential and all, they fit the theme. Good to know.

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It took me some days before i even found the trinkets i had earned. Stopped looking since i thought it was bugged out or something.

I’m almost level 30 and I’ve not recieved 1 single trinket.

Am I doing something wrong?

(I know where they appear in menu so I am 100% sure I have none in my inventory)

Wait for lvl 30 and you get one.