Weapons for Shade - failure to balance

Dual daggers and S&D have been in a very strong position for a very long time. I was eager for the balance changes. For Waystaker and Handmaiden they seem to be going well.

Then I realized that when it comes to Shade they fail to address the mian issue: Shade isn’t good at performing her role with other weapons! Damage from invisiblity on all her other weapons is subpar to classes, that are already superior to Shade in other ways - are either ranged or more survivable.

That is the reason why people predominantly use Dual Daggers and S&D on Shade. Crit based builds on these weapons allow her to preform well in her primary purpose - boss killing. The nerf to these weapons and buffs to others are not going to make Shade players switch to different options, but drop Shade entirly and pick Bounty Hunter or even Grail Knight.

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