Weapon Swap Buff - all weapons get buffed twice

After inicially thinking this only affects the rapier, i dug deeper and apparantly all of Saltys weapons benefit from both +15% power buffs.

This leads to a constant buff of +15% and 30% when both Buffs are active.

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Maybe I just haven’t built my breakpoints right, but even with this bug it still feels weirdly underwhelming and finicky. I would much prefer something along the lines of what you suggested in the other thread. I’d be thinking something like 20% melee power for 10 seconds after hitting with a ranged weapon, 20% ranged power for 10 seconds after hitting with a melee attack.

Edit: upon further consideration just hitting something is probably too soft a requirement, proccing on melee or ranged kill is probably more sensible.

Tangential, but if Weight of Fire was changed to give ranged cleave as well, as discussed in the other threads, these two talents would then have a very nice synergy with BoP and Volley, giving them more oomph and cleave at the cost of not being able to run open wounds or cruel fortunes. As always I’m worried about indirectly buffing the crossbow, but I think cruel fortune would probably remain the optimal choice for it for both ammo sustain and sustained dps, so I don’t think it would be affected.


Doesnt power already add cleave anyway? Pr is it only crits that add cleave?

I can understand not wanting to buff crossbow further (i always try to keep buffs to as low as possible when presenting talent ideas) but apparantly you already can reach 1 crit bodyshot on anything except superarmor as it is right now.
Only a 15% power buff ads 1 crit bodyshot to Wargors. IMO that wouldnt be enough to warrant the loss of 6s cd/ freeshot or crit reset if they were to put it back instead of the weapon swap buff.

So a static 20% on a 10s timer would be a very good alternative to how it works right now.

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In the case of weapon swap buff, yes, with both stacks active (ie. 30% power) the volley regains the ability to cleave a marauder. From my testing the Weight of Fire description is a lie, and it actually just increases ranged damage. Even if it did increase power (thus cleave as well as damage), even 15% on its own isn’t enough to hit any relevant cleave breakpoints. Around 25% lets the volley cleave a marauder again for reference.

If I’m being greedy I’d like weight of fire to increase cleave by double what it does for power, so 24% more cleave for BoP, 30% more cleave for Volley (puts it back to a bit under pre nerf cleave on its own, most notably the Gor/Marauder cleave breakpoint is achieved with no further investment).

And just FYI crit does not increase cleave, at least for ranged weapons, not 100% on melee crits.


Sounds good to me. Basically making both a good/ slightly better(BoP) hordeclear on BH by sacrificing the damage you lose from not taking open wounds.

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