Weapon class restriction


with the upcoming big changes, can we finally be able have less weapon restrictions? Surely keep weapons specificly designed for a class locked on that class like slayer and dual axes and ironbreaker drake guns.
But why is Halberd or Spear restricted from Grail Knight, why is Spear restricted from Mercenary.
Please increase the range of weapons a class can use.

Because those are peasant weapons and Grail Knights (Brettonian Nobles) are to cool to use them. Lore says so and you don’t argue with lore. No, not even for gameplay reasons. Unless FS has already done it for gameplay reasons, then it is okay.

Mercenary can use spear.

Honestly, in a certain manner I would wish for more weapon restrictions. It is a bit tiresome that people expect that every weapon works on every career on every difficulty. This just isn’t balanceable in such a way.


There is some restriction spear so probably foot knight, I am not using that spear a lot. Don’t feel comfortably with the moveset.
Have you ever heard about iron breaker, who went into battle, intentionally, without shield? Others would take his beard off for that.
There is a lot of against lore examples, forum is full of that, all of that is just for gameplay purpose.
Slayers would have what, dual axe and 2h axe? Because they just love axes.
And the list can go on.

Its a Warhammer game. GK do not use Polearms, since they are considered Peasant weapons in their realm. They would rather jump into a Rat Ogres open jaws before they put themselves into a situation where they would touch such a thing. Bretonnian Knights are such snobs.

Dual Axes for Slayer is by far the weirdest restriction. Slayers are not especially known for wielding Dual Axes outside of Vermintide and Total War. They use mostly what they want, or what does the job. If you dont do your very best to not die as a Slayer, you fail your vow.

The Restrictions are annoying from a gameplay perspective, but you are bound to follow some rules to get a license from GW.

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I am not so much into reading lore, have all lnowledge from pc games.
I am sure there are things against lore for gameplay purpose and we don’t see contracts about specific restrictions.
However from gameplay point of view and after all it is just a game based on something made up (not a ww1 or ww2 history based game) those restrictions are just painful.
And just don’t forget grail knight is still the same Kruber who used peasant weapons before and if you remember Kerillian mocks Kruber with “So you care which weapon you use.” Clearly telling us that Kruber must have said, that he doesn’t care which weapon you used. Which, for Kruber, invalidates beign picky about peasant weapons.

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