We really need longer matches

I’m really enjoying the versus mode, but the matches feel short. It would be nice if we had 3x2 maps instead of 1x2. It could be a shortened and nerfed version of the chaos wastes (without boons etc) or just any combination of normal maps. The latter might allow players to choose any combination of their liking, which would be extremely cool (when we have more maps).

In previous Alpha tests we had Bell map and Justice map.

The main map used in this Alpha test, feels WAY shorter than the rest.

I agree on that.

Actually when I made this thread I thought that every map is as short as against the grain. I’m glad to be wrong but still, if devs will only release some maps and not others, please just concentrate on the longer ones because these super short maps just feel kind of pointless.

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i feel like making the game continue even though a team has no chance of winning what is need. the goal is to have fun and ending the match super early isnt fun. im not worried about points personally, i jus wanna play more rats



I agree. Fun is the most important part, speciall when you are a skaven.

Imagine Convocation of Decay.