We Need to Feel Like We Are Making A Difference - Global Overarching Progress Indicators

Coming from V2, I miss the sense of thematic cohesion that game brought to the table. Certainly saving the farmers (Against the Grain) that didn’t escape soon enough wasn’t a grand narrative, but it felt like we were helping and doing something meaningful within the world our characters were inhabiting.

It is different in Darktide - I have no connection with my character or their motivations - other than getting shuttled listlessly (as modeled by the characters) to next spot, kill the stuff, rinse & repeat. I get the ‘grimdark’ motif, but not being engaged with the characters and story of the game makes the Darktide experience feel much more like “this is a video game” rather than “this is a gritty desperate struggle for the fate of a Hive City”.

In any good story actions have consequences for the characters involved and the world in general. We can’t have the intertwining stories of the unique characters from V2 - "Hoggards bridge"comes to mind for example - but I think it could be possible to do something similar in Darktide.

In V2 there is a system that is periodically added into the game - it features an kill count of all the Rats that have been eliminated in the name of specific global event. If all the players in V2 contribute a bit of rat slaying to cause, a goal is reached and a small reward is unlocked.

Let’s bring that overarching goal system into Darktide. I cannot recall how many times I’ve saved the Tertium Water Supply from the heretics, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some visualization/actualization of global progress being made?

Using the Water Supply example - on the neat map holoboard thingie in the Mourning Star we could have community global progress indicators of successful instances of the water supply being restored.

Perhaps a bar graph of some kind…

Anyhow, once that bar is filled up, the entire Darktide community enjoys a small buff to their health reflecting their dedication and actions in the world. Giving players the feeling of doing something meaningful and that has consequence in the world builds engagement.

Other global challenges could be set - the smelters are under siege and are in danger of being overrun - until they are purged the starting ammo pools will be slightly smaller to reflect how things happening in the world affect the players, and giving player motivation to play the game to fix it.

The possibilities with the existing maps are near endless. The hordes are more numerous because of strong leadership from the Assassination Target(s) (it should be important who the target is, but currently it isn’t as witnessed by I don’t know/care about glowy shield guy), so if enough Horde Leaders are liquidated, the hordes become less organized and thus less prevalent. Again, player actions have meaningful effects in the world.

Show us the progress we’re making in the world and how we as characters can affect it, and the engagement in Darktide will increase. Things are okay now, but as evinced by many of the topic here in the forum, people are focusing on the gating of progression and the acquisition of loot because that’s all there is at the moment.

We’re not saving Tertium (I had to look that up as well) we’re grinding currency and mats to get that sweet sweet bolt gun/power-sword combo. Loot is a good motivation, but why not lean into the setting and world you have created (and paid for with authentic 40K authors?) and encourage more meaningful engagement? Who wouldn’t want to get more base ammunition (for a limited time) by doing the retrieve ‘special ammunition’ missions?

It’s a grim dark future, but doesn’t mean we cannot work toward common goals together as a community.

TL:DR - The existing hamster wheels are not enough. Make bigger hamster wheels that the community can work toward together to give more reasons to play ‘mission X’, yet again.


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