We need a way to consistently get at least 1 kind of weapon

There are a lot of weapons in the game. The majority of people will find the specific weapons that they enjoy using or think work for them.

Currently there is no way to consistently get the weapons that you’re looking for at any level. In Vermintide we had a crafting system that could get you weapons as well as a lootbox system that could drop weapons of a certain level for you. You would get a higher tier weapon from a lootbox and eventually be able to consistently craft weapons of that level. Now you have to grind enough money and check the shop every 30 minutes to see if you can get an upgrade to the weapon you actually enjoy using.

Once you reach level 30 you will be doing this less often as your weapon levels will cap off, but until then you are screwed. You are forced to use random weapons during the majority of the game and it doesn’t feel fun. The exploration of weapon types is fine while you’re leveling, but I am asking for 1 change:

Add either a crafting system, an upgrade system, or vermintide style lootboxes into Darktide for characters so we can use the weapons we enjoy.

You’ve done this before and I believe that it’s possible that you haven’t added this system in yet. Like the barber shop, it might be in the wings waiting for it’s time to be added. Unfortunately not adding this has caused players at level 30 to have a difficult time getting to the playstyle they enjoy and using the weapons that complement that playstyle. So, if you could please, add this system in. It would help players get to the point where they really enjoy the game.

Something else you could do is bring lootboxes into darktide the same way they were in vermintide. This would allow enough weapons coming into the player that they are much more likely to get the weapons they are after anyway. End of every mission, you get a lootbox of X level based on what your party did in that mission. You can tie it to secondary objectives (you would have to add more than just grims and scriptures), kills (that would likely get stale), number of players that went down ( decreasing the lootbox rarity for each time a player died or went down), or by individual player achievement (Did you complete a penance this run, were you the best at something on your team, did you go above and beyond what the common pleb is capable of)

This change will go a long way in player rewards and interaction. This will definitely help in player retention and, since your company has a long history of doing lootboxes correctly, give players the ability to more easily play the game how they want

There IS a crafting system, its just not part of the current beta. Whether or not that allows you to craft a weapon from scratch ala VT2 I don’t know. Hopefully?

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The devs haven’t communicated this via official statements or anything, but according to devs in discord crafting is coming at or near launch. Let’s wait and see. If it doesn’t come show up, then we can panic, because this game without crafting would be a very sad downgrade from Vermintides system.

Yea, I really want the box rewards from VT2 because occasionally getting a weapon just gets lame, and it takes like a week doesn’t it for the Requisitorium to refresh? Woo, one Purple and it’s the complete opposite of what I want.