We need a Shrine of Solace in V2

Well, we do not need the whole shrine but at the very least just the OFFER part for a better way to re-roll properties. The first menu will list all of the possible combinations for each weapon type (melee and ranged) and every piece of gear (neck, charm, and trink) and the second menu will let us choose between the old and new set of properties. This way no one will ever waste dust again trying to obtain a combination that simply does not exist and to allow us to keep one set of properties if the new set is still undesirable.

At the very least, please add a small guide of all possible property combinations. There are property combinations I know that are not possible because they are pretty obvious (because of being overpowered) but there are some combinations that are not very obvious when it comes to not being possible to obtain. It would help out tremendously.

Invocate would be beneficial as well for those many people who have a ton of orange weapons and wants to maximize their property values to have something to take with them to Legend. So, they wouldn’t be stuck with a 2% attack speed and +1 stamina on their melee weapon (for example). This would most definitely help out the newer players. I think this would be a way to help keep newer players to continue playing as they would have a way to get near max values on their weapons so they’re not struggling as hard. This game is very brutal to those who have never played the original Vermintide and a lot of people forget that.

Source: pictures courtesy of the Gamepedia - Vermintide Wiki website


Why the hostility?

Obviously there’s already a system in V2 no one is disputing that. I also prefer the system in vermintide 1, because of the things mentioned in the OP - being able to choose the new or the old roll, being able to roll to just improve the numbers, were very nice.

Obviously it gets to be a lot less frustrating when all your characters are 30 and you have plenty of reds, but the road there is long and very frustrating indeed - and a big turn off for more casual players. Not to mention the poor people who get screwed by rng and don’t get many reds.

The proposed tweaks would make the crafting system a lot less frustrating, and reds would still have value, because automatic max stats is still way better than spending dust and time to max them on an orange. Plus the illusions of course.

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To be honest i would already be happy if we would get a function to make the game auto reroll stats till you get the ones you wanted.
Than i could at least do something else while it is rerolling. Make food, wash the dishes. Bang my head against a wall… Still bether than rerolling by myself :sleeping: wouldn’t even care if it would cost double the amount of dust. Pretty sure i have more than 2000 anyway


While the new crafting system makes the old shrine pretty much obsolete, I second the idea of roll automation. I have hundreds of dust and thousands of scrap so I don’t really care how many rolls it takes to achieve any given combination. However it can get tedious when you must sit through dozens of rolls, I think the worst time I had was something like 75+ rolls just to get the one trait I wanted.

All you would need is a dropdown menu that lets you select the combo you want, and some buttons for how many rolls to perform in a row. The default would be 1 roll but you could have buttons for 5, 10, 25 or even more. The game would then roll multiple times in rapid succession until it runs out of rolls or it creates the combination you want, in which case it refunds you the cost of the rolls it didn’t use.

It’s no more or less difficult for the player in terms of RNG, it just great speeds up the process so they can spend less time crafting and more time actually playing the game. As you pointed out it would also help teach players which property combinations can’t be used, something the game never explains.

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