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so it finally happened, the second character with the second melk shop did it for me in the end, it took more than a month, but i guess its fair (not)

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But thou must

The funny progression system that doesn’t reward you playing the video game.

The funny progression system that rewards you not playing the video game.


Bumping this thread.

yes i didn’t mention it but i’ve rage quit the game after i’ve spent other 80k plasteel all at once on this

i just kept checking once a day the melk shop from the web site and play other games in the meantime

I finally got to enjoy my zealot wielding a bonk machine and got a decent-enough tool:

I was wondering how rare a Thrust IV might be and found this thread.

I don’t see the point in grinding IV instead of III (that seems much more common) if the goal is to only reach specific breakpoints on Damnation at the tremendous cost of unpleasant frustrations, farming mats, and above all : validating FS rarity/time-sink/retention (if that’s a primary goal and not just a design choice for underwhelming crafting options/builds).
Telemetry will speak for us - however it’s analyzed and used.

At least, I’d encourage seeking fun over tiring grind.

I got a Power Cycler IV from Melk earlier this week (for my vet) so I guess the safest route would be to “someday” (maybe) get Thrust IV the same way and not bothering with wasting my time purchasing hammers from Brunt and upgrading them, over and over and over and pray RNGesus.

Let’s not feed the RNG-fueled/BS crafting too much?

You got lucky. The game is fun but when the entirety of the systems outside of missions can dumpster the fun experience of the whole session it might be worth looking at why that is.

the rarity of a blessing is not different from the others, the thing is some weapons have 10 different blessings, so you get 10% chanche for every time you would get a T4 blessing

the thing that infuriates me, is that the hammer specifically has 4 blessings that does nothing and i have to put up with getting many doubles, you could get it at the first try, or you could never get it, that is the way

also play time doesn’t pay off, since hadron appears to be worse than melk to get T4 blessings

Trauma T4 +15% Impact for 2 seconds on Repeated Hit. Stack 5 times
Hammerblow T4 +25% Impact for 1.5 seconds on Hit. Stacks 5 times
Thunderstrike T4 Target receives 4 Stacks of +5% Impact if already Staggered. Last 5 seconds

these 3 blessings in theory do the same thing, more impact = more stagger
in practice with the hammer they do completely nothing, since the hammer already has max stagger against everything

the only way FS could redeem themselves on this would be to merge these 3 into one single blessing that would allow you to stagger bosses with the max charged powered strike (very lore friendly since it suppsed to do just that), anything else would change nothing and have 0 impact (no pun intended) on the game

the 4th is shock & awe, -40% enemy hit mass for 0.5 seconds, a complicated way to add cleave to a weapon that does simply nothing

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Yeah, the crusher too. Why does it have so many stagger blessings when it has an on-demand guaranteed stagger?

The only thing I could guess is that FS devs were totally uninspired and didn’t know what blessings a thunderhammer could offer, or they got mixed up during a design phase, didn’t get enough testing…

Shock and Awe is particularly telling in that regard - or we all just didn’t get what it’s supposed to do and we totally can’t tell during actual gameplay…
Like Blaze Away on single shot weapons: I had to put a +reload speed to get it to proc on the ogryn’s Kickback, otherwise it wouldn’t proc.
Go figure.

That level of RNG combined with useless blessings absolutely impairs the fun, no doubt :expressionless:

As far as I remember both the Ogryn Kickback and Rumbler have the issue where if you ads you will only get 1 stack of blaze away. After reloading you have to immediately hipfire to keep raising stacks.