We have to talk

500k+ plasteel spent in a month of grind for T4 thrust and this is what i got

made a second character to see if a second melk shop would do it

didnt want to have to do any of this for a blessing

not to mention there are 3 blessings that do the same thing, hammerblow and the rest, useless fillers, like that shock & awe that last 0.5 seconds and does nothing


ahhh, but you did do it. You activated their trap card. You ground for a month for your hammer and still aren’t done!


i never complain about the grind in any game, but this is rigged


Just wait you’ll get it start having fun then they will nerf it.


Same thing for my power sword. I’m grinding power cycler but nothing :expressionless:


What if I don’t want to talk

Welcome to Las Darktide


Yep I have about 100 different cleavers I’ve upgraded and no slaughterer T4. The system is garbage, and their only dialogue about it was them ‘hearing our concerns’ in a blogpost Aqshy made before passing the torch and nothing since.

Dunno why I even bother working out fun builds in the background, they are completely unobtainable. Even with laser focused grinding like you have done.


That’s not fair. Catfish has twice stated that they have heard our concerns as well. On average that’s like once every two months. :hugs:


This blessing needs correction… like perfect strike and devastating strike…

Did that for power cycler… and at the end, the secondary char has become the main vet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


there is zero grind in Darktide, you aren’t working towards anything.

one player may have all blessings first try and another may not after 10 years

by playing you only increase exposure, and therefore potential to get it, but you never guarantee it.

the situation is similar to dice games like yahtzee,

one player may nail every roll and another may not.
i wouldn’t call a dice game a grind and neither is Darktide.


It’s at best a slot machine.


That’s the sad story. If i want to gamble i’ll going to the Casino, or play Fallout New Vegas. But this game is supposed to be a 40k hack and slah where the only purpose should be only slain heretic in the name of the mighty emperor. Instead i have to gambling and swear some gods in my italian dialect.

That’s not fun


I mean, you can do this without T4 blessings and everything on 80% so… Poeple focus way too much on gear instead of getting better and enjoying the gameplay itself.

The comparison from @cedric.d.schmidtke fits very well. Just play it like Yathzee, use the rolls you got and play around them. You´ll only kill your own enjoyment hunting the the perfect rolls… and they´re not needed to win anyway.

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The game is designed to do exactly that, tho. I get what you’re saying and even agree, but this game wears the skin of a looter shooter while nickle and diming its players on most everything gear related.

The way the game is visually designed and its sound effects are bombastic and loud and meant to hit the endorphin button whenever we get a gift or upgrade a weapon. There’s a reason when we re-bless a weapon for perks we get a big metallic boom instead of a weak irritating dice roll.

But then we get, you know, a bunch of nothing for all the exciting visuals and addicting sfx. It is frustrating and it is doing a very good job killing the enjoyment of this game for a ton of people, I don’t think we will succeed at getting people to stay trying to convince them to ignore all of that.


The recent faux crafting “improvements” and the nerfs that basically force you obtain blessings made one thing clear to me.

I’m not touching crafting until they implement red weapons and remove locks. If that happens 6 months or a year from now I don’t care.

I’m not playing their idiotic RNG system and losing my mind for the grind that will inevitably be outdated anyway, either by a weapon with better rolls or nerfs or future system changes.

I’m playing all weapons anyway, so I’ll just pick the best one i feel like playing that run, and that’s that.


Finally got it guys, now i’m the talk of the town



I got my T4 Slaughterer too from my guy Melk. So now I only need T4 Slaughterer again for 1 weapon type (power swords). Item system is still abhorrent and I would give it all up for anything better. Entirely new weapon types with no shared blessings have me fearful of the future.


No no no. When I made a post about the ridiculous grind for weapons with the perks and blessings I want, I was told to stop being a scrub and to just get on the grind by people with over 2000 hours in the game.

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