We are going to Holy Terra, aren't we?

The desert map on day 1 was a red herring and it’s not the last map added on the 30th. It will be a warp travel short visit to the Throne World and we will fight to protect the Emperor, whose powers will protect us during a climactic battle.

  1. Rejects right now talk about having never been to Terra and wishing to see it. Foreshadowing and tease of the plot.

  2. There is a soundtrack called “Warp Traveller”. We have crossed vast distance with Skittergate warp travel in VT2, so there’s precedent for FatShark to do this.
    Warp traveller | WH40K Darktide Official Soundtrack | OST - YouTube

  3. There are tracks called Entering Throneside and Unrest in Throneside
    Entering Throneside | WH40K Darktide Official Soundtrack | OST - YouTube
    Unrest in throneside | WH40K Darktide Official Soundtrack | OST - YouTube

  4. There is a track called Emperor of Mankind and it’s a stronger “holier” version of Imperial Advance that plays during elevator holdouts, so this will probably play in some finale holdout event, similar to statue of Sigmar in Vermintide 2. Fingers crossed for literally having to defend the Golden Throne but if the Adeptus Custodes isn’t around to do that, I think Terra has bigger problems than one Nurgle invasion in the Emperor’s chamber so I doubt this will happen.
    The emperor of mankind | WH40K Darktide Official Soundtrack | OST - YouTube

So practice your Aquila bows and praise the Holy Emprah!

As an aside, Greyndl is mysterious and is shown to have many faces via the servitor hologram face. You know who else is mysterious and has many faces to people looking at him? Emprah.