Was the Rattling Gunner originally going to be 2 units?

A couple of in-game lines suggest that the Ratling Gunner was going to be more than one unit. Kruber has 2 lines that called the Ratling a “gun team” and then has a line that call it’them “gunners” when tagging.
Did plans change in between line recording and final product?

I may be digging way to deep into this and it’s just a slight oversight, but my curiosity has been piqued.

I’m pretty sure that goes for both the ratling gunner and flamer, lore-wise.

Lore-wise, yes. But in-game I only ever heard the Ratling being used with a plural.

Ratling Gunners in the lore, on the Tabletop, as well as in other games such as Total War: Warhammer 2 are also presented as a team of two Skaven, one holding and aiming the gun and the other cranking it.

I think the reason that the Ratling Gunner in Vermintide is alone is purely from a gameplay perspective. All of the other specials are alone as well (I.E, there’s only one Skaven you have to kill), so they probably just changed the Ratling Gunner to be alone to fit with the rest.

They explained this in-game via the lore book in Vermintide 1 by the Ratling Gun being of a lighter, experimental type than the Ratling Gun usually deployed by Skaven Clans, and that the Gunner himself is one of the black-furred elite, the same Skaven that make up Stormvermin (hence why the Ratling Gunner in Vermintide is armored).