Warrior Priest's Offhost Fury Proc With Twins Enabled

WP’s Fury bar doesn’t fill up when playing offhost in Twins weekly unless it’s a kill on the lowest tier trash that can’t split. Basically if he kills Monsters, elites, specials, or trash mobs that can split into two lower tier enemies, they do not count for Fury proc. His passive suffers from the same issue as any other on kill proc careers in Twins as a client such as Kurnous Reward Waystalker, Huntsman’s Shotcrafter+Thick Hide, BH’s Salvaged Ammunition+Job Well Done, Pyro’s Deathly Dissipate+whatever the stacking damage reduction on elite kill is called, Shade’s Vanish and except for RV’s specials drop.


Make fury bar based on attacking

pounds drums furiously

Make fury based on attacking!!


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