Warrior Priest Ult Targeting Improvement

As everyone is saying, WP is a lot of fun. However, I’ve found targeting allies with the ult a little finnicky and difficult to get in time especially with the 3-seconds healing talent. If we’re all huddled up, I know which ally I want to heal, but getting the right one when we’re all moving can sometimes be a coin toss.

Being able to use the number keys while holding down the ult would be perfect imo - 1, 2, 3 corresponding to the portraits on the side of the screen. Obviously if that ally is dead, or too far, nothing would happen - but it would be much less frustrating than trying to aim at your target only for them or someone else to twitch and receive it instead.


Yeah, I find it difficult with bots because they are all clustered together. You could use something like the “pick-up” chat wheel that’s triggered by pressing F instead of T. If you release F without selecting a character the ult is applied to Saltz (or Saltz + nearest ally if you are running the middle lvl 30 talent).

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I love the chat wheel idea, would fit neatly with the systems they already have. With the labels you’d know exactly who you were healing too, so yeah I really hope they go with something like this.

This would be a decent addition, but shouldn’t overwrite the default left click targeting option.

I don’t like a chat wheel option as it’d take more time to actually look for who you’re looking for than to aim for them in most situations.

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