Warchief Is Overtuned. Undefeatable/Instant Wipe In Early CW

Warchief, new Grudgemark, is overtuned. Spawn rate is so fast with so many monsters, that it is considered an automatic wipe amongst pilgrims in early CW.

Tried it in Cata twice. Wiped twice. Reddit has some posts about it in Legend / Cataclysm being too heavy handed.

Please consider play testing this and retuning. The amount of DPS you would need is not attainable until later boons/upgrades are acquired.

Again, It is unbeatable if you get it in the first level and arguably second level of Chaos Wastes on these difficulties.

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fatshark could make it so that the spawn didnt stack. the group of spawned enemies have to be killed before a new group can spawn, and there could be a 20 sec cooldown after the croup have been killed.