War Pick vs Shields

In my opinion it would make sense to give the War Pick the ability to bypass shields.
The logic is that you can hit the target in a way that the shaft touches the shield and the spike just hits them in the head or shoulders.
Maybe enable it only for heavies but imo it should be on all attacks.


We need more ideas like those.
Those are what make weapons unique.


Ballancing the warpick is tricky as it can very easily step into the shoes of the 2handed hammer or greatxe.

Bypassing shields would be a nice niche, I also think its lights need more headshot damage to give it a bit more oomph whilst keeping it unique.

I’d even take a moderate nerf to its bodyshot damage in exchange for a large buff to its headshot damage, dorf lacks any real finesse weapons and if he’s going to have one then a giant pickaxe is probably the most dorfy way to do it.


How about make it into a Crowbill but on steroid?

  • Low Cleave

  • High Stagger

  • Very High Base Damage

  • …I can’t think more than this (help).

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BBB is about to end, just give it shield penetration and leave it

I think it shouldn’t be end like this…

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low cleave with very low speed? something that could make it more competitive with his other weapons would be around 10% more attack speed.

bardin already have 2 single target weapons, why make pickaxe even more of a niche than it is?

Well, it’s pickaxe. High cleave is weird to it, unless make it looks like something middle of pickaxe and a scythe.

Or looks like a stormsmite maul from Age of Sigmar.

there is already 2h hammer which is good against both horde and armour. how would your version of pickaxe compete with it?

how often do you see siennas with crowbill on cata?
saltspyres with 1h axe?
bardins with 1h axe?

would your version be able to kill clanrats in 1 hit on body shot?
would it have the same attack speed as it has now?
it already has pretty high stagger, would norcan raiders be sent flying like beastmen are when they are pushed or hit?
it already has a high dmg attack, why would it need to have high dmg light attacks too?

  1. Shield Penetration on Super Heavy Charged and push attacks
  2. Increase light attack speed by 5% and increase finesse modifier of light attacks

When you hit a clan rat in the head with a pick axe they should die instantly. Would also improve combo variety with push attacks put into the mix against marauders and stormvermin


Bumping this because the beta is about to end very soon and I think it’d be neat to have this last small change.


What about if War pick was able to stun and grab enemies like the bill hook? Logically if you jammed a pick down someone’s head you would probably have some lee way over them.


That’s not how a warpick works, billhook as a weapon was designed to pull horsemen to the ground which is why it is logical for it to have a pull attack unlike War Pick.


Well a war pick was never a weapon either, the same way any weapon with a shaft and a pointed angle on top could go around a shield (like the 2h axe). We are on about balance and new gameplay elements and this game isn’t very realistic, swords can’t pierce through armour but in this game it can. How I see it is that its the interpretation that counts, like oh maybe the rapier is hitting chinks in the armour when it heavy attacks. The same way the War Pick could be interpreted as digging into the body of the enemy and grabbing them.


I strongly disagree. It has to be a quite long spike to go around a shield, 2h axe’s head is simply too short + you will most likely hit the shield with part of the head. On the other hand crowbill’s spike is too short.

Thats why I emphasized could when I said that. It depends on how close the shield is too the enemy and how long the weapon is. As I said, the interpretation is the most important part.

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Even name is wrong in this game. Bill is the correct for 2h billhook for weapon.

Billhook that hooks every enemies with every stance doesnt make sense too. if cw gives vertical strike, if you pull him with that angle, you just hit by axe more quickly.

Any protrude weapon theoretically hook enemies leg too.

I agree with penetrating shield thing but as TurboTrodan said this game doesn’t concentrate on details.


This game does concentrate on details, the billhook being able to hook enemies is the sole proof of that. Ofc stagger mechanic is simple so they won’t reimplement it for a single weapon.
Second proof is that flail can penetrate shields since it’s a ball on a chain.

Warpick has a really long spike so that also makes sense, but unlike bill, it’s short af and pulling with it would only make sense after you stagger the enemy, so maybe you could give this weapon a quick push combo (first push is regular one, second is pull) so you can apply highest level stagger to anything that isn’t CW and higher at the cost of all your stamina.

I always thought that too. Would be a good shape for pulling shields away from enemies.

It’s also the biggest weakness of Mining Pick, which makes even less sense.

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