Votekick baby-rage kick

edit: changed name, it distracted from king-of-all-topics. If you know a McGoo then f-yoo McGoo.

Proud gamer McGoo dies in regular cata in front of his leet friends. Hot shame floods his undeveloped body. Who is he without his reputation? The self-hate is unbearable. His bulging red eye spots a release valve: the 4th player is a stranger. Votekick! Votekick! It was his fault I died!

I suggest that each vote to kick offer a multiple-choice list of honest reasons:

  1. I died and I’m humiliated. My self esteem is broken.
  2. My leet friend died so somebody else must be guilty.
  3. I dunno, somebody called a vote so they must have seen something utterly unforgivable.
  4. Get this popup out of my face.
  5. I don’t want to make an ethical stand, I want to chill.
  6. I fear social awkwardness if I don’t comply, more than this discomfort of wronging some guy. Guhhh.
  7. Host said on mic he’d end game if we don’t vote yes. Followed by a confused “huh?” by the target who doesn’t get a vote.
  8. It feels good to be an insider excluding others, for the first time.
  9. The correct algorithm of play is empirically established. Other patterns cause me dissonance and distress, regardless of outcome.
  10. I feel dirty for helping vote initiator act on his petty grievance but there’s no button to change vote. I’ll slink away with no gg after unpleasant remainder.
  11. Given my reputation in FoW, failure on my part is illogical. Therefore it was you.
  12. We’re just too good to play with you bro.
    Lucky 13) Legitimate reason.

I’m not bad. I’ve completed weave 120 etc. Last night I joined a game just before a monster fight. I was kicked after a McGoo died to the single monster in a no-pressure situation. Meanwhile I killed a couple specials and was 20 feet away seeking the whispering assassin while his buddies killed the monster. Pretty sure they can handle that with their FoW cata frames. Then we all hit it and in a minute it’s dead. Immediately McGoo kicks me, and I notice he had implored me in chat to hit the monster. There had been no other communication. His identity, defined by the game, had been shattered; resetting it was all that mattered in life. Feel better, McGoo. We know you’re good. Get a little Moop in your heart.

I’ve been kicked from a handful of games over time for similar… reasons. But please don’t divert snail-paced resources from the many important issues; you can’t hotfix people.


I don’t get it.
Is it umgak? Or what exactly do you suggest?


It would seem @Sweetbeak need to vent. It could’ve been put in longue I suppose, but no naming and shaming so good on him. Thanks for the read, I enjoyed it!


I completed weaves aswell and i still die in quick play because i make mistakes or i’m rushing, because i either expect my team to play a certain way or i’m tired and just wanna run around and smack some things. It’s not because i completed weaves etc that i never makes mistakes and i do get kicked sometimes because i expect players to play how i expect them to, and i ‘rush’ and i understand if someone dies and blames me for it because i was ‘rushing’, i should of adjusted to the teams playstyle in the first place.

Edit: got kicked one time as a mercenary in legend because i didn’t want to heal myself while i had 2/3 of my hp and i already ran past it. I was setting the pace pretty high and certain players don’t like that and get stressed out and kick :frowning:

You just don’t know who he’s shaming. He absolutely named and shamed.

My interpretation is that it’s a general rant but please do inform me how he’s breaking the forum rules. (if your reply was meant as sarcasm, please ignore the content of this reply and just give it a like)

I could be wrong, but it looks like he’s talking about McDudeguy without saying his full name.

I’m pretty sure I know at least two people with similar in-game names. I’m not going to keep speculate about it either way. If you believe he’s breaking community rules then flag it, maybe ask him or the McDudeguy you know beforehand to check if you’re interpreting it correctly.

edit (insta-posted instead of using enter):

he’s not generally using bad grammar so it’s it might well be one of the two McDudes I know about.

Snitches get stitches, son.

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I liked mmo kicks where they let you type in a reason for group and person after kick was accepted.

I would’ve pointed out the same thing but I highly doubt he’s talking about an individual; it’s a broad strokes generalization using an alias so he could vent. “Naming and Shaming” requires an actual name, hence the first word of the phrase. A good way not to need to jump to conclusions is to ask @Sweetbeak for clarification. Ya or nah?

I’m presuming it’s an alias because, if it’s not, this is a great way to have your opinion wholesomely ignored for not following community guidelines.

On that note: it’s inappropriate and against community guidelines to simply post a retort that adds nothing to the original conversation. If you’re really stressed about it, tread carefully that you, too, follow the guidelines :slight_smile: admittedly, this really should be in the FSLounge so umgak is pretty much all we should expect, but there’s principle somewhere to be found here, too!

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I’m honestly so stressed about it I can’t focus on things happening in my life. I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice?


I think it’s pretty clear he’s naming someone in particular, though I guess it could just be a hell of a coincidence that he chose that particular random name with those particular characteristics.

I guess the feedback of there being a reason provided for the kick would be cool though? Does feel a bit weird to see a votekick in a pub and have literally no idea what they’re even mad about, let alone how to vote on it.


This thread is going into weirdly antagonistic territory from/against multiple people in this topic, so I’m closing it for now. Hedge may come in later and change that, but I don’t see this discussion going anywhere productive at the moment based on the responses in here.